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the story of peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:44:51

first they came for the jews and i did nothing because i was not jewish.

then they came for people they claimed were or had been 'disabled' and i did nothing because i did not claim to be disabled.

then they came for the maaoris and i did nothing because i was not maaori

(actually, i joined in, because i was not maaori)

and then they came for me.

and there was nobody left to stand for me. nobody left to stand with me.

so then they came for me.

ooooooohhh. so wanna be you peter crampton.

motivating and inspiring you are.

have been.

listen to all the people saying motivational and insplirational things. saying how they were motivated and inspired by you.

even when you don't have power over them.

when they have free choice. what they would choose to do and say and so on...


Re: the story of peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:52:31

In reply to the story of peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:44:51

what is particularly interesting about this psychopath is how they deploy him around.

when the high court was hearing about how the university (and peter crampton, andrea howard, bryan hyland etc) were throwing away applications prior to the meeting of the medical admissions committee (and refusing to supply applications etc)...

they moved him out of the university and moved him into being employed by the district health board.

i suppose to signify to the world that he would be playing or engaging in a similar role for them. so that they wouldn't be supplying applications to be on payroll as medical doctor or neurosurgeon or psychiatrist. not nurses nor sterile supply technicians.

throwing away the application forms. throwing away the applications from the applicants not because they were grossly unsuitable -- but because they weren't grossly unsuitable.

in the service of.. not having anybody on payroll.

or... in the service of the payroll funds going to 'external contractors' (e.g., private charity trusts of ashley's wife or son or whatever) or, in some instances, considerably less funds going to people who paid them who had been struck off overseas of whatever. frauds and phoneys willing to ddo the 'work' or be on payroll for cheap or for free.

that appears to be his primary function.

anyway... now he's back in the university back to same old tricks. i suppose.

i mean.. the courts of nz gave him permission to carry on and international community hasn't bombed the f*ck out of the place yet so what more of a 'permission to carry on' could there possibly be?

i suppose harlene hays is moving into a university in australia with similar infrastructure set up.

i would suppose. or maybe she'd bringing teams of support staff with her. not sure how much she managed to identify the psychopaths with all of the restructuring she did over many many years at otago.

maybe it isn't about training psychopaths specifically. it is just that it takes years and years to really be sure that you have identified the ones and given them most encouragment and support to allor and enable them to truly flourish and thrive to their potential.


Re: the story of peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:58:02

In reply to Re: the story of peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:52:31

the thing about western australia, i would suppose, is they want people working the mines, over there.

they aren't interested, at all, in creating good jobs for good people, or anything like that.

i would imagine it would be about blackbirding for migrant workers and arranging for them to be deported or imprisoned or both when it comes time to pay the workers.

likely stuff around the lung scans etc. seems likely. from working the mines. working conditions generally. etc.

also aboriginal communities in the vicinity.

i don't think there is much of any evidence that australia actually truly genuinely wants there to be functioning aboriginal communities.

by the sounds of it things are not good in western australia. the university there is looking a lot like dunedin with... drunken student riots and so on.

i mean... they say the kids are having a 'party' but they are taking sweepstakes, every year, they speculate on which kids will die. thinking of the odds... the chances...

living in one particular residnetial hall.... what are the chances that one of them will die? how many of them will drop out and leave the hall early?

which of the kids will be the kids to die? which kid in particular will be forced out?

how do you make sure you aren't the kid to go?

it's sooooooooooo cmopetitive.


sooooooooo competitive.

that's why the kids of here wear 'university of michigan' or what the f*ck ever t-shirts.

nobody voluntarily chooses to be here.


houses won't be built here

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 22:03:25

In reply to Re: the story of peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:58:02

apparently england is sending us trailor parks for meat.

mobile homes.

camp vans.


people are paying / investing in houses. that are going to be built. only for them to say that they are not going to supply the house, after all.

sometimes they say that it was more expensive than the initial price that was agreed upon.

sort of a 'pay us a bribe or facilitation payment or exit payment' else they simply break the contract.

that's the education etc too.

pay us money
pay us more money
pay us most money

if you pay us most money we promise to keep things rolling along fo ryou

only for so long as or insofar as you keep on paying us money.


apprently there are quite a few 'jobs' in new zealand where the employee is supposed to pay the employer. they call them 'jobs'.

so, university of waikto accounting graduate gets a 'job' paying the firm 90 thousand dollars per year...

fiddling their books, in other words. creative accounting. then they wanted him to make their taxes go away.

otherwise he doesn't have a job anymore. deport him. replace him with someone who will.


there's nothing here.

not possible to function here.

the leaders ponce about in fancy suits living in the best of the houses...

i don't suppose they do put in much of any appearance in public, anymore.

it isn't safe.

that's right.

it isnt'.

look at the world that they made


Re: houses won't be built here

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 22:07:14

In reply to houses won't be built here, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 22:03:25

i mean, we do have a military, for f*cks sake.

and, apparently, prior to covid, military people were being trained to be builders etc.

but they stopped all the training during covid. put them to work playing 'stanford prison experiment' in the quarantine facilities.

in the name of national security.

they would not build fit for purpose (humane) quarantine facilities.

not even when there could be possibility for selling the houses to be lived in by people after the pandemic.

most other nations used 'covid' as an excuse to government-build a bunch of habitable homes. or homes that could be modular and relocated.

mobile homes?

i guess.

but we are only just going to start getting them...

could we possibly go any slower?

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