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lifechange diet

Posted by rjlockhart37 on April 23, 2022, at 19:01:16

so, i went on a bad boy binge, i ordered twinkes and reese candy, and just ate all of it, then realized this is bad, just the fact that i sat on desk while on laptop and just ate all of it, that's a eating binge. This is how it is, the body craves sugar, or the feeling when you eat pasteries, the taste is all over and then ingest it, you frequetly do so, until you can do no more, that is what a sin is. Like today i devoired a box of twinkies, in frount of my comphuter just browsing the net. And then i ate thick chocloate candy, that is over eating - and in a christain classification is called gluttony. Oh yes, it is a sin, becajuse your flooding your body with calories that are not ment to be there. It's a sin, and alot people don't know it. But now i feel, so terrible that I had to have that sweet craving and just devoured so much of it, then guilt and regret happen, im a christain and realize that's called gluttony.

It's the taste, the process of eating, the taste, the feeling of feeling full, the enjoyment of eating. Yes eating can be done to enjot, you try differnt foods and enjoy their unique taske. But when you sit there, and just flatter yourself with sweets, pizza, comfort food, yes it fills your up, and will hold on to body. I've studied when you over-indulge in something - sex, drugs, eating, alcohol, gambling - it makes a problem. I've had drug issues with amphetamines and being ripped off them, and having to go through pain that is max, but ... eating a box of twinkies is not sinful, but it's unhealthy, and i did over indulge myself with some alcohol, and food. Now i feel regret, and that it's a sin to do that. In my way of seeing things, people go on diets and cetain programs, as far i see it, you just reduce or starve food intake, so weight loss would happen. I'm a runt, i don't read the fad diets in books, i don't talk to people about it, but i realize individually that over indulgace in sweet treats, food, and alcohol is a sin. It is, gluttony, and when you abuse alcohol all the time your called a drunkard. I'm kinda alone, and make up my own way of seeing life. The only way i see it, is greatly reducing intake of sweets, food, and dairy.

Exess of all those will resulting in weight gain, its not flattering. I go to the gym and see people doing weights, i'm only doing the treadmill, i wish in someway i could be those guys, skinny, built in muscle, disaplined. I know over indugance in sweets, and food - is gluttony. But i just did it one time, i don't do this all the time, but i had wine this afternoon because i needed to get away from reality, then the wine made me hungry, then that's when exess taste of sweets happens. It's the taste, you wanna keep it there. Anyways, maybe guilt can cause behvaior change, i don't choose ot do that, because yes it's; called gluttony in christain law. Just....have modation, and don't have indulgance where it becomes a daily habits and life style. Thanks, end of log

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