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stigma to control the population to reduce demand

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 20:35:48

new zealand doesn't have any psychiatrists.

possibly. the auckland district health board doesn't understand the question when i ask them to inform me (via public website) how many psychiatrists they have on staff.

i was pretty clear - name. amount of pay. FTE (full time equivalent) position. so, if they are employed to work part time or whatever. so we could see how many full-time equivalent psychiatrists there were on payroll for the auckland district health board.

so i could look into them and see if (if there were any) their medical degree university will acknowledge them etc.

but they didn't understand the question so they won't supply the information.

apparently their books look like this: on payroll. nobody. 'independent specialist services external contract' 'all the money'.

then the district health board chief executive can have her husband or son or third cousin open a 'surgery charity' or whatever where the funds get funnelled into that account and they don't pay taxes because it's a charity. whether or not they do anything i guess they are paid to be 'on call' or something like that.

what they want to portray, now, is that if you say you have anxiety or, more particularly, you say you would like some help with mental health stuff. if you say you would like to see a psychologist or a councellor or wahtever.. then these people will put a little note by your name so that you are cut from medical services.

removed from wait-lists for other operations. for example. so, instead of your being on the surgery wait list for elective they can write you are on a waitlist for psychology. or something like that.

'managing patient flow' i think they call it.

because they got their special smart thinking hats on and decided what the demand was allowed to be. for services. and so now they need the people to comply.

the people are required to want or need what the government thinkers said they would want or need.

and so on.

we are all held hostage to their stupidity.


Re: stigma to control the population to reduce demand

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 20:53:43

In reply to stigma to control the population to reduce demand, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 20:35:48

i thought that was the idea of something along the lines of 'general physical preparedness' or a university degree. generalist general sorts of skills... so that you could be trained to do something competently in a relatively quick time-frame... trainability. in other words. so then people could 'upskill' for jobs or whatever...

on the job training.

being paid to learn.. on the understanding that you stay in that role or position for a certain amount of time to help pay off the investment in your training...

we don't beleive in any of that, here.


something something about tiem to cut your losses with teh abusive relationship and walk away.


i suppose every government does that. keep the people moving keep the people moving keep the people moving moving moving around. keep the people moving away...


i thought that was the point in lock-down. forcing governments to face the people. instead of the people fleeing away. to be kept moving moving moving... the lockdown situation was supposed to get the people empowered to make their government f*ck*ng pay up.

but there doesn't appear ot be anything here...

that's what they rely on, i guess, give up and go away. curl up and die. how mjuch money would you pay or forefit not to have to hav eanything to do with them anymore.


the ny times stuff on florida rejecting maths books is interesting.

the social and emotional content thing.

it all depends on what the teachers and the school wants to do with the information. i would suppose or imagine.

if they want to know who has maths anxiety so they can help make that better or make that worse.

who doesn't have maths anxiety? well then you have some work to do making sure they jolly well develop it.

magnifying the maths anxiety so they understand that maths is not for them. or that they are to go 'oooh silly me i can't follow along' when people calculate ways to screw them over to their faces... and so on...


it's time away from the maths curriculum, at the end of the day. is the problem. i guess.

it's filing up curriculum with things other than maths.

dilute the curriculum.

logic was relatively straightforward. abstract. because abstract. pattern recognition.

translation was difficult. going from english into logic.

adding meaning... makes it harder for people to see patterns. people tend to start confusing validity of argument form with whether they believe the conclusion or not.

that kind of thing.


i think focusing on emotion content in maths is.. adding interference.

i mean... messages like 'you can learn anything' and so on are good messages.. but not associated with maths curriculum particlarly. associate dwith all the curriculums. associated with learnign generally.

dominance hierarchies...

i wasn't allowed to learn maths. i had to be bad at something. visibly bad at something so that other people could feel glee that i was bad at something. otherwise things did not go well for me.

but then things still didn't go well for me so that wasn't really any knid of answer or soluation was it now.

now they have decided to take all my degrees back and call em 'disabled' and treat me like i'm retarded in teh brain. i'im slow. thats the problem. or..

well tehy are full of excuses as to why they are justified in excluding me and treating me so badly.


i never wanted to get involved in politics or anything like that. but they forced it on me.

if i look back at the work i did early in my phd... it wasn't (seems to be) anything that anybody would get upset about, or whatever...

but then they refused to acknowledge it. also refused to shape it so we were done with it and i cuold get on with a career. if there was no career i was happy to retain in medicine.

apparently ther eis a shortage of medical doctors. we don't have any on payroll that's how few there are.


Re: stigma to control the population to reduce demand

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 20:57:27

In reply to Re: stigma to control the population to reduce demand, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 20:53:43

the people paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to employ them say there isn't any money left


teach people how to do surveys

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 21:03:44

In reply to Re: stigma to control the population to reduce demand, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 20:57:27

i guess the idea is to train the kids when they are young to say:

'yes sir fine sir everything is fine sir everything is okay sir yes sir yes sir three bags full sir however many bags you want me to say sir please don't hurt me sir yes sir'

and if they don't comply with that agenda then we can eliminate or remove them. inconvenient. they can be first to be fired, last to be hired, first to be drafted. you get the idea.

because we WANT the people to be busily evolving to be ants or cockroaches.

worker ants working for the queen.

else cockroaches surviving despite or inspite of our very very best efforts to annihilate them entirely.


Re: teach people how to do surveys

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 21:05:22

In reply to teach people how to do surveys, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 21:03:44

so they you have



when i grow up i want to be
(a) your bitch, yo
(b) something else


when i see anything to do with where the money goes i FEEL
(a) maths anxiety

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