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Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 14:41:32

something about nz historical archives being closed to prevent and prohibit research (in the name of covid).

the universities had 'book jails' prior to covid.

keeping most of the books in 'storage'. defacing some of the books on the actual shelves in an attempt to make it look like the public university needed to keep the books locked away from public access for the books protection.

keeping books in '2 hour loan' spaces so that you couldn't really read them...

gutting the university. looting.


yeah. removing all the assets. anything that isn't nailed down.

the university of auckland had these bean bags. i was interested because they were really good ones. high quality ones. i asked about them and they told me where they sourced them from. they were a few hundred each. all weather ones. they said they were designed so you could leave them outside in all weather conditions. on your boat or deck or whatever.

they had quite a few of them scattered around the library...i don't know.. 10 of them? more?

they were there for a few months... maybe a year... then they went away. vanished. i asked what happened and was told that they had to destroy them because they got bed bugs.

i think they found their way onto people's yachts is what i think.

other furnature about the place, too. things would become weirdly stained. i think it is fair to say. really large disgusting looking stains.

superficially ruining the furnature making it look old and worn and yuk.

but the furnature was really expensive. structurally... interesting. i mean to say... it needed to be re-apolstered... but it wasn't cheap furnature that was falling apart from heavy usage.. it was high quality furnature that... went away. vanished. looted.

kind of corruption.

apparently 'greys anatomy' textbooks were donated to the univerity when the unvieristy was founded. every year's edition. all the years. i suppose it was a tradition from whever ago... when there was a new medical school.

of course they are worth something now. and of course they are not on the public shelves. and of course there is no online record of them now. they have been vanished from teh system. looted.

i guess that's why people donate things like that. because a public donation is a record and subsequent events show the level of corruption. that descendents or whatever cannot come and visit because things have been looted.

university of auckland supposedly had a really terrific great world-class library. but it refuses to participate in ULANZ which is a sharing thing so that researchers in australasia can borrow books held in other universities if they need them in their research. auckland won't ship what it has to other universiteis (likely because it doesn't have half of what it is supposed to) and aucklaknd won't allow their own studnets to have access to what they don't actually presently hold.

you can't walk the shelves to see what is missing.

there is this thing about library of congress vs dewey decimal system arrangements for books. they are just different is all...

i am used to library of congress for academic.

when i would go to conferences etc i would check out the library. i used to work in the library at waikato shelving books... so i get to know what books there are on the shelves. what sections there are. what topics. a sort of birds eye view...

and some universities have better developed sections on a topic. and that clues you in that there was historically or presently people interested in / working in research on that topic or area. so then you can look at the academics on staff and see what's going on... well, you could when the academics had webpages on the university sites. but increasingly not because they want to conceal the fact that they don't actually hire academic staff, really, anymore. it's all management and administration all the way both down and up.

but you can't walk the shelves when tehy put thing sinto storage. so you don't see or notice that sections are... missing. notably absent.

not that the library of congress system is perfect.. but it was a way of easily comparing different libraries. i guess that's why some of nz libraries are dewey. apparently polytechs are so AUT with history as a technical college was dewey..

i guess there will be a large population cull soon. of all the people the elite few refuse to pay / refuse to allow a way of life to.

the countries swap their 'migrant workers'. they reckon tens of thousands of nzers will leave now that the borders are opened up. i guess they will end up spending their inheritances or whatever trying to make a living overseas for a couple years then be sent home destitute to start their life of slavery. with children. as many as possible to be handed over to the nz government.

living the dream.

re-populating the world for the next cull when it comes time to pay the next generation.


Re: de-evolution

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 14:47:38

In reply to de-evolution, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 14:41:32

when i grow up i want to be alpha bully. i want as many people as possible to hand me as much stuff as possible and when they are done handing me their stuff i want them to die and go away.

that's what i want to be when i grow up.

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