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Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 4:23:37

so the nz government refused to accept a report they commissioned on the united declarations on the rights of indigenous people.

then, the only report they would accept (late) said that in order to honor the UNDRIP they needed to have 'parallel' (segregated) services because the English or Westminister services or model of services WOULD NOT allow for or serve maaori.

that is what human rights means, to maaori leadership (the only maaori leadership that the nz government will acknowledge). upholding the treaty (or upholding the rights of indigenous persons) means granting them soveriginty which means that the only leaders the nz government will give fundign to or acknowledge as leaders must agree to keep the majority of their people the under-class. y'know, that england thought the ideal was centuries ago.

would you like to invest in nzl?

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