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i don't know what will happen...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2022, at 23:02:08

if i explain the situation with work and income.

i think the fair thing for them to do is to back-pay so that i can pay my rent and i have enough to pay for various living expenses.

i think it would be great for me to be able to talk to a budget manager or financial advisor or whatever.

the problem is that i don't think the government will actually pay someone to provide that kind of advice. there was something about some charity that did that (so they could claim the tax breaks) who were using 'volunteers' to do the advising (slaves)...

i don't know that there is anyone to give sensible financial advice about what i should do with the inheritance funds.

i can only think to get the money out because i don't see a future for nz when it will not honor internatinal obligations (e.g., to human rights laws) and domestic statutes (e.g., the education act and protection for whisteblowers etc).

it isn't that there isn't enough money because the government managers and administrators... armies of them... on hundreds of thousands of dollars per year each.

but they will not pay sensible salaries for people to do biochecmistry reserarch or... ecology research... people to actually have jobs in biochemistry labs (in universities or in private business even) it's just not possible for anyone to function, here...

and various things like cleaning and so on... should really be part of a career progression thing... i mean... i do get that it could be a dream part-tiem job for some people in the right circumstances (with odd hours so they can be there with the kids, for example) but only if the jobs pay well and people are properly appreciative of just how important these jobs are...

but the leaders and so on treat them like 3rd class citizens expected to work for less than minimum wage intergenerationally...

it's not fair.


Re: i don't know what will happen...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2022, at 23:05:38

In reply to i don't know what will happen..., posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2022, at 23:02:08

they could give me information that I could pay someone $50 for sensible financial advice...

what kind of money is fair for sensible financial advice?

if i knew who to ask, even...

i would have thought my bank... but again with the bank... apparently the visas are all being killed before their expiry date and we are required to have mastercards else nothing at all...

that happens soon.

i don't know what that is about.


i guess the scummy scam is probably that people take their inheritance and hand it over to the government of another nation, then.

instead of handing it over to the nz govermetn the nz government will trade me for a person from other country whose governmetn lets them come here and hand their money over to the nz government in exhange for me handing my money over to their government.

because i'm slave-class. right?

never to be paid.

this is how they choose to keep me.

great, aye?

i didn't ask to be born. most certainly. nobody wold voluntarily choose to be born to be subject to that.


Re: i don't know what will happen...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2022, at 23:08:04

In reply to Re: i don't know what will happen..., posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2022, at 23:05:38

sterelny says something about 'and then their time budget is blown and they need to make a living' about the end of education.

then it's time to pay them.

then it's time to draft them. tiem for them to die. so they can replace them with new students who hand over the work they have done. until it's time to pay them which is the same as saying it's time for them to die.

it's time for them to die when it's time to pay them.

congrats! you have been consented to be graduated! your reward awaits you in heaven.

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