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it used to be 8 years

Posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2022, at 22:22:09

to pay off the cost of your training.

if you wanted to learn to fly a plane, say, then the airforce might train you. then you owed them 8 years of labor before you were free to go on to use your qualifications for personal enterprise or be hired by someone else. otherwise... they could make you an offer if they wanted to keep you on, i suppose.

but we got rid of bonded scholarships or bonded training schemes like that. we are back to giving people levels of debt that we believe they will never be able to pay back in their lifetime and they are supposed to count themselves lucky that their kids don't interit the debt. they can get rid of their debt anyday they want to kill themselves.

they say they won't acknowledge a nz qualification that is more than 3 years old. for entry to medicine in nz. they say that that is because the knowledge and skills acquired in nz qualifications (tertiary qualifications) are such that the value or knowledge or skill atrophies rather than accumulated in value. it is not an investment, a nz tertiary education, in other words. it doesn't appreciate in value over time.

i'm supposed to owe the nz government over $100,000 in studnet loans for qualifications that i was not allowed to complete / that completion was not acknowledged. they refuse to acknowledge my qualifications because they are more than 3 years old -- but i'm expected to still owe them more than $100,000 for all this training that tehy themselves regard to be worthless.

i suppose they say it doesn't matter that i owe them over $100,000 because i will never be paid enough for them to take back re-payments from me.

but it's supposed to be enough to prevent and prohibit me from training (hahaha you have used up your 'lifetime entitlement' and they won't pay the workers. there isn't any work.

there is the government administration and people growing kiwifruit... blackbirding to get people to pick fruit and ship it to supermarkets and to the harbor for export...

apparently we are paying 'export prices' for our food in nz, now. i don't know how that can be... does that mean that 'export prices' pays absolutely nothing for shipping about the world? how can they justify us paying external prices domestically when export prices were supposed to pay shipping and logistics etc? all the employees associated dwith that...


i don't understand.

i don't really understand about inflation.. i thought the government managed inflaction by deciding how much money to print (roughly). they were supposed to keep inflation at 3 per cent. when inflation gets to high they are having distribution problems that htey are trying ot fix by printing too much money. or something like that...

so that you end up needing to take a wheelbarrow of money along to buy a loaf of bread.

wasn't russia there.. back in teh ... i don't remember.. didn'dt they imprison people for 'drapetomania' (slaves who wanted to escape) and sluggish schizophrenia (slaves who were depressed) in the name of 'psychiatry'. wasn't that... how many years ago? we aren't even tehre, yet.

we are at the place where the judges of the courts order that a persons entire interhitence be handed over to the courts and the government because... well. because might is right. and they order it. and what are you going to do about it?

would you like to come to new zealand? voluntariliy?

the detention camp of the world?

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