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it is personal -- they didn't choose me.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2022, at 22:03:50

it is personal -- because they are making decisions about who they want on the basis of personal information. like who the parents are. etc.

they are not applying their algorithm. the people applying the algorithm are not people who do not know the kids or personal things about the kids.

the idea that they are objectively applying a selection algorithm is a lie. they are not doing that, at all.

they intentionally selected Dr Green and Dr Leeks etc because they thought that these people demonstrated qualities they could not train. qualities like who their parents were and stuff like that.

it isn't that these psychopathic criminals occasionally slip through the selection algorithm despite our acting with the very best of intentions in good faith to do it fairly and to select for the qualities we value.

rather, it is that they went out of their way to select them for the qualities they do value. they knew them personally, knew personal things a bout them, and decided that these were the people they wanted.

so it is personal, indeed, that they refuse to process and progress anything of mine. anything from me. that they want to pass me off as intellectually retarded, or somesuch. refusing ot acknowledge the things i can do. refuse to help me with things that are genuinely hard. that they are just... full of garbage. the things they say...

just an endless outpouring of abuse from them. really.

in an attempt to bully me away. get off their turf or whatever.

i suppose i saw it in the first year law mooting final thing. i went along to have a look. and seeing the audience that turned out for it. seeing the comraderie there with the alumi grandparents, particularly, it seemed to be, catching up and patting themselves on their backs and discussing which kids were the children or grandchildren of who...

when first year selection into second year law was supposed to be 'soooo competitive'.

and where the second year law studnets were taking charge of judging the preliminary rounds.

much as you would expect the set-up of a private boys school where there is some hazing ritual whereby the first years are expected to suck up to the second years. pay tehm money to advance to the next round or...

i suppose i don't feel so bad they didn't pick me, then.

i feel very badly indeed for new zealanders and migrants who came here wanting a better life. people who were born here through no fault of their own.

hostages to the criminals.

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