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so the law says

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:20:38

new zealand is supposed to be a nation that is 'rule by law' where parliament is the highest source of law so statute is the highest source of law.

so the statute (the education act and education and training acts) say that domestic adults (who have attained the age of 20 years) are eligible to be enrolled in the programme they have applied to.

but the universities are very very very very very very very focused on teenagers. that is to say the 16-19 year old age bracket. they like them to fall over each other how competitive things are. they like them to be all vying for special favors from teh council. that's how competitive things are. tehy like them to be paying thousands and thousands in alumni donations to the university. they like them to be paying thousands to private schools. to private residential colleges. to tutors. to be paying for the answers to the university tests and so on. they like them to pay and to keep paying and to keep on paying and to just keep paying just keep on paying...

and the course will be so fun! it will be the real new zealand university experience of drunken revalry and rapes! it will be so fun!! only a few people die each year of being trampled to death in a student riot or falling off a balcony... it is such fun!!!

and they can play 'doctors and nurses' and give each other belly rubs. and so on. quite the new zealand expereince...

and the universities refuse to allow domestic adults to apply on grounds that they decide who is eligible and who is not.


so it should be a simply matter, really. the courts can declare that domesetic adults are eligible and the univesrities are required to allow domestic adults to apply.

if the universities won't enrol domestic adults (because they are too busy enrolling teenagers / internationals) then shut them down.

why is this so f*ck*ng hard???


new zealand is not 'rule by law'. not so far as i can see.

i presently have... like... 4, 5 cases of blatant disregard for the education aact and education and trainig act and the courts don't appear capable of parsing the law / of processing the evidence.

waiting for a hearing date with the court of appeal. they keep granting me waivers of the usual time frame i'm supposed to book a hearing in because they haven't processed the application for security for costs to be waived.

there is no earthly reason (execept incopmetence on the part of the courts) as to why things weren't sorted years ago. years go.

how long can it possibly take to read: 'domestic adults are eligible to be enrolled in programmes they have applied to' and order them to get to enrolleing the domestic adults who have applied.

they won't do it.

we refuse to train a workforce. worse. we refuse to get out of the f*ck*ng way and let people with the capacity get on with it. we refuse to publically advertise jobs... w erefuse we refuse we refuse we refuse...

come on Covid. Hurry up.

there's nothing here. nada. nothing. no rule of law. nothing. nada.

the courts won't function.

it's time to go various leaders of nz.


Re: so the law says

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:27:38

In reply to so the law says, posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:20:38

the melt-down is starting. people have just started cottoning on to the fact that the chief executives are most highly paid because most responsible. they knew or ought to have known what was going on in their organization and it's their head on the line.

all the clinicians who are heads of whatever supposed hospital thing but the conditions were third world. the doctors fled years ago. we don't have doctors.

insofar as i can see we don't have academics, either. we don't have acadecmics in the universities. the people who are there don't really go to conferences (before Covid) not really. they aren't presenting their research because they aren't really producing research. it isn't just about the journals because they could give seminar presentations in their department etc only they don't. they don't because they are not producing. there is nothing here. there is noone home.

nada. zip zilch zero. nada. nothing.

just a waste-land of non-functionality.

i think we are the least efficient country in the world, or similar. we don't produce anything. surprise surprise people don't want round-up honey.

you tell them and you tell them and you tell them and you tell them...

and they refuse to legislate. and they refuse to uphold the law.

so there's round up in the honey and the world doesn't want toxic honey from new zealand.

and they refuse to put body cameras on the fishing trawlers to attest to the fact they aren't farming dolphins. they refuse. won't do it.

so the world won't buy our fish.

the world needs to send their military out to stop new zealand from unlawfully harvesting fish in the south pacific.

new zealand. really not coming to the party on anything.


Re: so the law says

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:34:43

In reply to Re: so the law says, posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:27:38

nononononononononononononono we can't help you.

we can't med-evac anyone to new zealand hospitals because we don't have any fit for purpose buildings or rooms we don't have any doctors we don't have any icu nurses we don't have any medical supplies.

nada. noppers. nothing.

we can't help you.

we don't have enough for our own people.

we thought about having enough for some of them -- but that wouldn't be fair.

Des Gorman said that nonononononnononoono no no ALL of the people in new zealand must have NOTHING in the name of equity otherwise things just wouldn't be fair.

so the clinical answer to med-evac requests is always predictably: nonononoononono we don't have the capacity.


so the Covid comes and...

bye bye people of new zealand. nice knowing you.

shame your government didn't love you enough to allow those of you with the capacity to do the work that would have been required to look after the people of nzl and keep people safe and healthy etc.

sorry your government decided the extinction strategy or path was what was right for y'all.


so apparently our 'new zealander of the year' is a relatively recent immigrant.

of course.

buy your way in...

and you pay and you pay and you pay an dyou pay and you pay.

we don't pay our workers. by the time the chief executives have taken up all the pay for themselves. for the managing the administration of the mangers managers third cousin of the administration theres nothing left.

no police.
no prosecution.
no doctors.
no nurses.
no teachers.
no academics.


nothing at all.




dolphins in the mystery meat... hell, likely prisoners in the mystery meat... round up in the honey... lead in the water.. e-coli in the water...

f*ck*ng retards ruining things for us all.

what part of 'domestic adults who have attained the age of 20 years are eligible to be enrolled in programmes they have applied to' is so f*ck*ng hard?

won't do it.

just won't do it.

my god...

just f*ck*ng bomb it already.

there's nothing here. there's noone home.


Re: so the law says

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:47:48

In reply to Re: so the law says, posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:34:43

the point of it was to only graduate or whatever the people who nobody else would want.

that was the goal or the aim or whatever. we would only graduate the people who nobody else would want.

then we could pay them cheapest wages ever and they wouldn't have any other option. there would be no alternative.

if we are producing nurses or doctors who can be employed by Australia then we are doing it wrong. we are only supposed to be producing nurses and doctors who Australia won't want. we are only supposed to be producing nurses and doctors who Australia won't pay. then they will be forced to slave in New Zealand.

that was the plan. the plan for new zealand. to only sign off on the qualifications of people who wouldn't have any other option.

so we aimed lower than lower than lower than low. we aimed for our qualifications to not be accepted anywhere else in the world. we aimed for our graduates to be forced to slave for new zealand. for lowest wages of any nation... for minimum wage... for less than minimum wage.. it is mostly the government departments who refuse to pay the government workers minimum wage. because, well, because the biggest offenders in new zealand are teh government employees.

that's our strategy. that's our plan for the world stage.

to say that our education system was a pathway for citizenship for them and their families. to refuse to enrol domestic students in programmes partiuclarly in things like engineering or whatever. to refuse to enrol domestics in those programmes. to enrol internationals only. to continually cry about how there was a shortage of workers in this, that, or the other programme, so that internationals think that they will be getting their kids into high-value programmes that will lead to high-paying jobs.

and then for there to be no jobs out the end of it. no jobs. and that's... embarrassing... right? but you can keep on 'working' as a slave to the university.. to keep your qualifications current. right? just keep on slaving... just keep on... just keep on slaving for the university. just keep on paying. just keep on paying. and, what, now you are... 35? 40? with kids of your own? citizens by birth?? just keep on slaving... just one more year??? no? time for you to go?? better luck next generation??

but of course they won't process the enrolment of your kids. becuase they are domestic. so they get to do all the 'new zealand fun' experience of the locals. all the drunkenness. right? or maybe they can get an apprentiseship for the local supermarket. be managing administrator of the managers administration for till number 5. that's likely to lead to a high paied career in nzl -- right?

quite the scummy scam.

no doctors. no teachers. no nurses. no lecturerers. no government prosecutors. nothing. nothing. nothing at all. nada. zip. zilch.

nothing to contribute to the world stage. not meeting the needs of it's own people. ntohing to offer anyone or anywhere else at all.

f*ck*ng joke of a nation. f*ck*ng farce.

the f*ck*ng farce of it iall.

we think we have survived 3+ waves of covid. it hasn't arrived yet.

there's nothing here.

nothing nothing nothing at all


Re: so the law says

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:53:23

In reply to Re: so the law says, posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:47:48

and it was obvious before the trial against the building product started that the obvious defence was that the builders did not install the product in accordance with the manufactuers instructions.

because people don't follow the rules like that. they simply won't.

they wouldn't have graduated them from building school if they followed the manufacturers instructions. they wouldn't have graduated them from building school if they followed the paltry few laws that we actually have got on how things are to be installed.

so it was obvious before the trial started that any litigation funding was... uh... throwing money into the cesspile of our law system with no possible return.

and the lawyers got greedy...

instead of keeping things simple. keeping things simple. amalgamating things and keeping things simple. keeping legal costs reasonable.

so there could be a pay-out for home-owners to help distribute the costs of remedying the problem...

but they got greedy.

the courts are incapable (seems to me) of keeping things simple. so things can be concluded in a timely fashion. timely justice. natural justice. redistribuutive.

they can't do it. things become bloated. the judges focus on some peripheral side-show and insist on dragging things out...

so then they are going ot bankdrupt the company.

so they are wanting to bankdrupt the building company. the manufactuer of the cladding system or whatever.

how are houses going to be built in nzl then?

once you bankdrup the company?

so the litigation funders (from england apparently) stop the funding.

because they wanted to have months of trial.

how can it possible take months of hearing? how can it possibly take months? was it 1 day of hearing per leakky home?

the class action was less efficient than an action against 1 would have been.

the law system in nz is a f*ck*ng joke.

they genuinely don't seem capable.


5 judges for samoa

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:55:49

In reply to Re: so the law says, posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2021, at 16:53:23

i genuinely do wonder what is up with nzl supplying 5 judges to samoa.

i wonder if they are going to go after the people who were responsible for the babies dying of being given improperly reconstituted MMR vaccine.

i think they were new zealand trained nurses. doing what they were trained to do. all accredited by new zealand. sent to samoa to help the people over there.

that makes new zealand responsible.

the UN has people in there, I think.

Fiji is crying about how the UN won't hire people from Fiji.

Won't hire his son does he mean? And he won't allow them to hire the people with the capacity, I'm sure. I mean why would you let your slaves go do something else? you probably don't even akncolwdge they can read...

F*ck*ng farce

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