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human rights commissioner pays bribe

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 10:44:05


koha. they call it. customary.

it is customary to take $200 dollars of money. new zealand dollars. that were printed in.. Canada? money... from the world bank? international monetary fund? money... given to new zealand by our trading partners in exhange for goods and services...

dollar dollar bills.

it is customary for the human rights commissioner (or.. anyone who wants to speak??) to pay that at the door.

the human rights commissioner paid a $200 'koha' to a leader of the mongrel mob. so he could speak.

mongrel mob forever yo. once you are in you are in for life. there is no out.

when you get out of prison... when you want out of your abusive home relationship etc etc etc... the government increasingly contracts to the mongrel mob. so they will arrange for housing and the like that is, you know, culturally appropriate for you.

course they will.


Re: human rights commissioner pays bribe

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:28:23

In reply to human rights commissioner pays bribe, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 10:44:05

the human rights people in new zealand are useless.

i don't think they would pass a well developed or designed multiple choice test that tested the most basic level of reading comprehension about what rights are.

i don't think they understand.

they yappity yap yap yap on about 'what rights mean to me' which, of course, always turns out to be things different and other and they intentionally seem to be muddying the water. confusing the picture.

there's a t shirt


that the human rights commissioner was wearing.

because 'to him' human rights are about the three 'r's'.

that is to say:

first you have responsibilities to the mongrel mob. mongrel mob forever. that's a maaori gang. you have responsibilities to the mongrel mob. to take the time for the crime that was done by someone else (maybe by the son of the local esteemed white person) and by doing the time for the crime committed by someone else you get your patch.

and that means that instead of being stuck in this place of being starved and so on by the new zealand government... you have effectively been sold into slavery to the maaori gang. and you can be housed in the prisons. or you can be housed in the gang pad.

and you can be housed wherever females with gang associations are housed. once the females move in then the males follow and stay there because that's what relationshipsi means. it means that it is culturally appropriate for you to be a member of the gang. for life.

your rights come last.

of course.

says the human rights commissioner of new zealand.

your rights come last.

buried under the burdern of youre relationships that you can never get out or away from and your responsibilities to your people such that you can never get out or get away from any of that.

says the human rights commissioner of new zealand.

who was hired precisely becuase he is a useless lump who has done a great deal to prevent and prohibit and obstruct the development of human rights in new zealand. most particularly for maaori.

all the government parties of new zealand are very anti rights. much work went into things by both governments (national and labor) to say that human rights were fundamentally incompatible with the treaty. to say that maaori leaders (that is to say the maaori who were picked out by the government to lead by way of giving them money and suits and houses and cars etc etc etc)... the maaori leaders had the right to form an elite supreme group of maaori to lord above the rest of the maaori comparably to how the elite white supermacists reigned over masses and masses of white endentured servants who were littl emore than slaves.

equity or equality for maaori means that maaori leaders get to oppress and enslaave and impoverish and violate the rights of their own people... just as the elite white minority does.




that's what human rights means to me (and i'm the only person who gets a say in the situation).

alllllll the rights for me (and none of the responsibilities).


it was strange to me that Khan Academy teaches that everyone has naturally unlimited rights.

that is to say i have the right to smash you over the head with a hammer, human rights commissioner. i have that right.

the social contract is when i give up some of my rights in exhange for certain other things.. i give up my right to smash you over the head with a hammer in exhange for you doing your job. the job for which you are paid. or giving the money back and getting the f*ck out of it, ya mongrel.


the government is still stealing

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:43:08

In reply to Re: human rights commissioner pays bribe, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:28:23

every other developed nation has done some kind of national apology or recognition thing for something along the lines of a stolen generation. the government taking the kids of the indigenous people and basically arranging for them to be held or detained in conditions where they were kept deprived and abused and where the only sort of education that was appropriate for them was training to be indentured servants or slaves to the elite.

new zealand hasn't properly faced up to any of that...

because it is still happening.

to a very very very large extent.

none of the internal complaints resolution processes work, in new zealand. you have to hunt about to find the process and then people refuse to follow the process. the process is in practice set up to delay and obstruct and prevent. give people ample opportunity to destroy evidence. ample opportunity to blame the victim and bully them verbally and ignore them and try and waste their time setting them irrelevant and unncessary tasks. 'we won't progress your complaint unless you do x and y and z and...' just time-wasting b*llsh*t nonsense. just complete and utter garbage. just nobodody home.

another half a million for the human rights commissioner.
another half a million for him.
see why he is paid so much?
he was the very very very very very very very very best person for the job.
the job that they publically advertised?
the job that they hired the best person for.
they gave people applications so they could apply -- right?
they hunted high and low and even considered applicants from overseas...
all the quality people -- right?
anyone with a history of pedophilia?
anyone who was incapable of passing a multiple choice test on human rights?

they really went over and above and beyond...

to hire the imposter.

to prevent and prohibit the development of rights in new zealand.


the lengths they go to.


where is my degree?
for the 1 year research project i completed in 2018.
on the topic of 'disability and equity for medicine and public health'
it was about how there isn't any disablitity (or equity) in medicine or public health in new zeealand.
how anything that looks like it might be... is 'ironic' or whatever. is actually a very very very thinly veiled case of discrimination.
in an attitude of 'hahaha and what are you going to do about it -- nothing!'
you should see what the international community will sign off on...
because so few pieces ever get sent their way.
so they'll sign off on just about anything.
'well, it's from nz and when did you last get a research output from there??? we have to give them something or nobody from there would have any qualifications at all'.
and in this manner they hope to get all the sons of the elite their qualifications.

by 'there is no alternative'.

like jacinda ardern.

who is not showing her face in public right now. because there's only one way for her to go in the polls.

and because national party can't get it together.
couldn't follow the regulations on nomination of 3 candidates.
simply couldn't allow the people to choose according to process.
simply must force the outcome they wanted.
the nasty tactics the natioanl party used to try and eliminate one of it's own candidates by trying to destroy her credability.
she was a competitive bodybuilder (in her past) so they distributed photographs of her in competition to try and discredit her as politician.
that whole strategy... elite white supremacy. a demonstration of that.
then the boag thing. using patient data for own personal profits or perceived policitical gain to self in a way that showed complete and utter diregard and disrespect for the people in the electorate.
then the whole turning against todd muller (the chosen leader) which was justified becuase they bullied him so much he started having panic attacks or similar which means they were entitlted to bully him so much...
the ousting of simon bridges because they didn't need him...
until they realised he was the only non-white face and they needed him...

the sheer and utter incopmetence.

'there is no alternative'.

that's why jacinda will get in. because there is no alternative.

that's not a demoracy.


Re: the government is still stealing

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:47:27

In reply to the government is still stealing, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:43:08

and it just shows how backwards and sexist and ignorant they are.

that they thought that distributing photographs of a female bodybuilder would undermine or discredit her as politician.

have they heard of arnold? governer of california?

no. of course they wouldn't have.

they are fundamentally sexist to boot.


and that is the strategy

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:56:48

In reply to Re: the government is still stealing, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:47:27

and that is the strategy for holding everything back.


the state of the world is that England and Australia and the USA and Canada are at 100 on some thing...

and maybe there are pockets... Some states are sitting on 80 or 70. Maybe Ireland or Scotland is sitting on 85, I don't know. Then Germany, France etc etc.. The developed world sitting on various numbers around there.

Then NZ will come in with a 45.

And when people go 'hurry up, New Zealand! Get with the programme, New Zealand! You are a 'developed nation', New Zealand, course, course, course you are. You CAN do it. You CAN. Come on New Zealand, permission to develop and get with the programme already!!!'

The opposition (the opposing party, the leader of the opposition) will come in with an offer of 20.

And say 'slooooooooow dooooooooooown New Zealand. Development isn't right for us. We don't have to. You can't make us. We won't. There isnt' anything you can do about it'.



We can lock things out so (by default really) you become a concentration camp island. All the people who fled nations with more developed laws because they did not want to live with the protections.


Socrates. Right. He didn't flee. Right. Why didn't he flee? Because the country that raised him. He lived in that nation and he profited from the education and so on that he got in virtue of being raised in that nation. THe level of education he got. The quality of life etc etc etc. So he did not flee.

Whereas me... Let's have a little chat about the protections (legal and actual) that were given to me, being raised in this hell-hole of a nation. Let's look how the government has intentionally chosen to install a quarantine booking system that prioritises computer system hackers (people who can programme a spam bot to refresh the page and auto-fill the data) while making it impossible for other people to book a place. Other people with legitimate claims.

The government intentionally refuses to install a system with the fairness of library for how books go to people on wait list for them in turn.

The government intentionally chooses to become a wasteland for people who do not wish to live within the law. NO protections from the law. No recourse to any of that.

They deserve to have their faces shashed in with hammers. They deserve to be strung up like pinyatas and belted with sticks until the money fall out of them.

Nobody wants to live, like this.

Therefore suicide rates.

It's a no brainer. You need to be cmopletely and utterly brainless to not see what is going on.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.

Filling up the prisons so there's no room for them, apparently.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.


Re: and that is the strategy

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 19:08:02

In reply to and that is the strategy, posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2021, at 18:56:48

They broke the social contract.

So that's what Khan Academy taught me.

Rights first.

All the rights. My unlimited rights to whatever I want whenever I want because I want.

I only give up that right (you only get protections from any of that) when you have government that will actually hold people accountable. That doesn't happen in NZ.

The solicitor general is in court recently for how she (as the head of Crown Law) was the head of Crown Law when the Government was refusing to do anything about Dr Leeks giving kids who had done nothing wrong electric shocks on their genitals and other body parts without anasthetic. In the 60's roughly.

Just last year I was involuntarily detained in the hopsital. Various people came to do various things to me whiile I'm being held on a treatment order. People who claimed to be training to be General Practitioners came to rub my belly (awwwwwwww). I can't give informed consent to a belly rub (abdominal exam for no clinically relevant reason) right now because I'm being involuntarily detained under the mental health act for observation and treatment.

A girl who claimed to never have taken blood before took my blood. So she could be observed taking it so she could have her having taken it signed off. This was explained to me. That was teh purpose they took my blood. There is no documentation of my blood being taken by her or anyone during my involuntary detention for observation and treatment under the mental health act.

The psychiatrist... Trained in Spain... Obgyn. Then something must have happened. SOmeting must have happened for him to go from Obgyn in Spain to doing a Masters Degree in Neuroscience with the Univesrity of Otago. And he must have fit in very very very very well with the rape-y culture there to be given a PhD and psychiatry 'training' and accreditation and to be now on faculty as professor of psychiatry at Auckland Univesrity and hired by the Auckland District Health Board as Psychiatry Consultant.

He doesn't appear to have signed any medication forms. But he did write in my notes how I was to be given an IM injection if I refused to take medication orally.

In other words: I was to swallow whatever I was given on demand (without teh authorisation for that) otherwise they would arrange for several security guards to drag me into anothe rroom. Pull down my pants. And give me an injection in my buttocks. When I was non compliant with their demand fo rme to swallow a pill that there was no documentation on then that was what was to happen to me.

On his orders.

That's the state of psychiatry in NZ.


Do it properly or shut it down


ANd half a million for him?
half a million for him?

Half a million for the person who found him?

I'm sure they searched and they searched and they searched and they searched for someone who would fit in with the dominant culture in NZ.

The vision or view they had for the future of psychiatry in NZ.

They searched out someone who did something... ANd they needed to get rid of him.

ANd I'm sure he wasn't allowed anywhere near patients until he had established himself as someone who would in fact repeat a painful procedure for no other reason than because he could.

That's precisely what they were looking for.

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