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dirty surgical equipment

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:06:04


nobody saw that coming.

apparently the problem is that the building isn't fit for purpose.

that's a cue to build a building that's intentionally designed to be not fit for purpose maybe 50 years from now.

then, by the time it's built the problem will be not enough staff.

then, by the time the staff are trained and graduated there won't be a fit for purpose building anymore.

it's the cunning plan to prevent and obstruct and hold up development for as long as possible for not really much other reason than

half a million for you
and half a million for you
and half a million for you
and half a million for you

all the people at the mini-sickness and disease. ministry of we like to grow our business by incapcicating as many people as possible and holding them under conditions of...

think of the matrix with the robo-mini-government workers. looking after all the people. in their aged care institutions. or you know broadening their business to put younger people in there too. all the people in their pods.

just oil. just ground up people parts for the robo-workers at the mini-sickness and disease.

i applied for a job as a sterile supply technician.
didn't get it.

i guess i wasn't the best person for the job.

who is the best person for the job?

someone who keeps their mouths shut. if it looks clean it must be clean -- right? if it looks dirty it doesn't matter because it's been steralised -- right? it's been heat treated even though there's water drips on it...

and who are the best surgeons?

the ones who don't mind about using clean equipment. the ones who don't mind abuot there not being any fit tested masks. the ones who keep their mouths shut.

i'm wondering about the otago new engineered wire your mouth shut device.

it's not plausible.

we don't have engineering that's that well developed. it's not plausible to think that that came out of the university of otago, at all.

it's fake news. obviously.

what's the idea?

i guess it's like 'look at the kind of thing that the nz government would fund'. indeed.

and what happens when someone vomits and can't clear it because their mouth is wired nearly shut?

who do you sue?

did the nz government waive the manufacturers liability?

is that because they decided to bet against natural justice as the outcome of the judicary in nz?

they said you could still talk with your mouth wired nearly shut.

but i am sure what they really meant is that people really couldn't listen to you any less than they already do


Re: dirty surgical equipment

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:23:53

In reply to dirty surgical equipment, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:06:04

i remember there was this thing about pbrf funding. performance based research funding. what was the measure of performance? it was publications, i thought. where the journals were even ranked a little bit and international publications were worth more than domestic. and there was points awarded to something to do with how many people cited you.

it was a bit of a joke, in philosophy, about how just because people keep citing you doesn't mean they think your work is of much value.

for example, i have recently cited Peter Crampton quite extensively because it is remarkable how he sort of self-confesses much of what goes on believing that he can say what he wants and be above the law. about how there is no accountability (that is to say he is not accountable) for the funds that he administrates. things like that. of course it's disguised between a dense thicket of impenatrible text becuase he thinks he's clever

half a million for him
half a million for him
half a million for him

but he wasn't capable of understanding our common humanity in another professors talk. he basically said something about how usually he would start of by saying about all the money that the person brought in but this person didn't really bring in any money so his being granted professor was delayed.

i guess you gotta figure a way to sell organs to make professor early.

bout dem blood products, hey.


the un is saying nz needs to do something about the child sex trafficking thing.

becuase you know yawn if the un didn't need to stand over nz and play f*ck*ng state the obvious.

they refuse to send a delegate to the un who is an indigenous delegate. the party line (of the mini-hate aka both governments) is that maaori don't have rights becuase they have the treaty. and signing the treaty was them giving up their natural rights? and carrots cabbages potatoes. squabble squawk bicker moan. it isn't culturally appropriate for your children to learn reading writing and arithmetic. etc etc etc.

half a million for me
half a million for me
half a million for me
half a million for that maaori guy over there...
in the name of equity

and generations of maaori children to be intentionally placed into abusive situations by the government.

who does the government hire to look after the children?

well it's that thing again. not of hiring the best person for the job but of hiring the person who fits in with the culture.

the pedophile culture.

of course.

one of our government workers working one of her jobs (times are so tough i think that 10 per cent of our people do ALL of the work or collect up all of the money for workign 3, 4, 5 CE jobs. you need a couple in the wings, you see, for when you might lose your government job because after i don't know 12 years the courts might say 'removal from office for gross incompetence and abuse of your position' and then you'll be suck only being able to collect on the other 3, 4..

little inklings of try?


just keep throwing money at peter crampton (and it's imitators) to refuse to administer councelling funds.

the main goal is that councellors won't get paid.

administrators and gps will get paid to make sure that councellors dno't (that would be good jobs for good people).

and most importantly the kids who are being abused can only talk to people who will further abuse them.

that's the plan -- right?

for keeping the child traficking abusing thing that is nz's world renowned leadership posistion? back when helen clarke went to the un and they said 'hey about those child abuse problems you have in nz'

well they've really did everything tehy could to invest in growing that.

and allowing people to launder money in. refusing to uphold internet laws. i guess that's about the child porn online thing. all the visa exemptions for rich people. who die and throw their money into kidscan? how plausible is that? no. how plausible is that really?

they have this view that you have to be corrupt...


because... they are.

it's how they chose to be.

so... hell on earth it must be.

good job for them. well done.


why did we get vaccine? i guess so they could monitor what we did with it. i don't know. i don't know what the government was forced to do for it.

comply more with world directives on climate and so on.

because we refuse to do the most basic of 'try'.



judgement today!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:35:06

In reply to Re: dirty surgical equipment, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:23:53


the high court judgement.

pertaining to how the university of waikato:

- refused to enrol me in the degree i applied to (without grounds, in violation of the education act)

- recorded false enrolment information

- refused to get a thesis submitted for examination out to external examiners (in violation of the education act which requires them to allow studnets to work to international standards of scholarship)

- based the outcome of examiantion on things other than the reports of examiners (in violation of calendar regualations and the education act)

- refused to base the outcome of examiantion on the reports of examiners (in violation of the education act)

- keeping false records. the statute says the penalty for keeping false records is, like, up to a few thousand dollars per infraction and up to a few hundred per day until they put it right.

they have had every opportunity to put it right. and they refuse.

they pretend to be too stupid to follow the law.

they proclaim the laws don't matter because they just do whatever they want and who is going to stop them?


high court judge of new zealand.

it's pretty fuckign obvious.

all we are waiting for is natural justice. a fair judgement.

can you do that?

or does the fact that the top law firm in waikato got all implicated in giving them legal advice that they could effectively do whatever they wanted with impunity mean that they get a by.


i mean... the university of waikato would only graduate those student lawyers -- right?

and the university would only employ those who told them what they wanted to hear?

and you know, business as usual in new zealand.
and even though nobdoy has removed a judge for incompetence ever... you aren't going to do your job because...

well lets see.


so it's not about the money.

i mean... the performance based research fund.
why didn't they take the money for my thesis submission?
why didn't they send a chapter out to get published?
why don't they start their own journal and put their people's work in it?

for the performance money.

it's not about the money.

wiring peoples jaws shut.

it's not about the money.

it's not about the money at all.


half a million for me
half a million for me
half a million for me

to abuse you
you are a slave
kept in conditions of deprivation.


now we see what it is all about

all the perverts


i mean... why would you take a bunch of money you got legitimately.. and trek it to some developing nation that doesn't even have a capital gains tax yet?

why would ayesha want a house in the maldives?

why would the univesrity to buy the vc a party party pary house with a dungeon basement to do business?


what a f*ck*ng joke of a country.

why not try. *try*. just a little bit of *try*.

always dragging the f*ck*ng heels 'it's too hard we can't'.

not contributing to the development of the world.

only workign to undo everything.

that's the problem with new zealand. things are very corrupt here.
there is no background of cooperativity for mutually beneficial outcomes.
they don't understand.
all the cna do is sums over the psychopaths.


Re: judgement today!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:49:01

In reply to judgement today!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:35:06

so what are they going to do about the surgical equipment?

what's the problem?

i imagine the problem is like back of house hospitality where the big-wigs don't ever go back of house to tell the workers how highly valued they are and who certainly don't pay them.

so... dishes... pile up. aren't rinsed off in a timely fashion. so everything hard-bakes on.

why would the hospitals be able to manage back of house any better than hospitality in nz?

how does it work?

pay the auckland council people a bribe and they will tell you when they are coming to do the inspection...

they come. they give you a D. you pay them... they give you an A. you know. how we do business in nz. how we do university. etc. pay the money... suck some dick.... oooooooh you miiiiighty inspector person i toally at your mercy...

and out of that don't pay the workers (maybe no money to pay workers once council has been paid) so the workers spit in the food and push foody bits out of sight under fridges etc so the cockroaches and rats are attracted.

i mean...

it's obvious -- right?

and we know how to fix it. i mean... internationally. it's not like every other developed nation hasn't been here and doesn't have pockets rather a lot like here, still.

what's difficult about nz is the sheer and utter determination and vehemence that things stay the way tehy are. the council keeps being paid. the workers are not paid. the total outproduct is substandard (ssssssh) and things never develop.

theres's somethign... special. about the way people cling to it. here.

i guess because a lot of them chose to immigrate her specifically for the attraction of it being long arm of the international law. that was the entire point.

i don't know.



Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:56:26

In reply to Re: judgement today!!!!, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:49:01


would people from china want to study or work in transplant surgery in australasia.

i mean...

medicine in china is significantly more advanced.

they developed their own vaccine (safest vaccine in the world).

they have been getting good results with organ transplants.

i understand there are ethical issues with how they are sourcing their organs. but in the spirit of 'they may as well have their eyes poked out' how are we sourcing our organs?

i think we have been purchasing various things from India where the source is dubious. antibodies. that have been produced by humans. stem cells. for transplant. i think that the government even wrote our kid cancer people a blank cheque to go purchasing those things...

they are sort of trying to hush hush it.

i wouldn't tell everyone everything if i could tell the person up the hierarchy and have them do their job.


i complained appropirately.
and documented how every single person involved in the complaints resolution process refused to do their job.
for how much time is it reasonable to give people to sort things out in house before you go over their heads?

stuart mccutcheon said 'your application was declined because you were ineligible'.

but the education act says domestic adults are eligible.

so he (the vice chancellor of the university) doesn't appear able to parse the education act. what it says about who he is required to enrol in his univesrity.

because he thought he could choose. they were deciding 'what degree was right for you'. adn mostly they were focused on children for the purposes of sexual abuse.

still are.

tick tock.

they are required to train me!!!!!!


do your job... or give the money back and walk away.



Re: why

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:02:57

In reply to why, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:56:26

don't know where he is now he just vanished.

my sincere hope is that he is in a detention centre somewhere to prevent this reoffending.

i don't know why they let john key out.

or helen clarke.

i don't know what australia is planning on doing with harlene hayes... if they really intend for her to be vice chancellor curtin university given her role in preventing the development of the university of otago for so very long. practically gutting it. stripping it of the majority of the staff. creating a really very nasty and toxic environment all round. the students mostly hated it. wished they were overseas. ditto staff.

that's what gets me wondering how much she's been sent on a stabotage mission from someplace else.

i don't know. you want to drive up the bribe offers you get for people send their kids to the univesrity of sydney. best way to do that might be perceived to be to actively work to stabotage the other australian universities. to actively work to have the kiddies think that curtin is unpleasant and second rate. so they'll get mummy and daddy to fork out more for them to go to sydney or melbourne...

is that the plan?

it seems very....

low road to growth. taking the low road. which was all what countdown was in new zealand. it marketed itself as being. it endlessly told everyone as they walked aroudn the store that it was about low low low low low how low can we go think low thing lower think lower than lower than low...

could be it.


Re: why

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:11:41

In reply to Re: why, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:02:57

they are trying to get to us with this whole 'lying flat' thing now.

i strongly suppose or suspect that the notion does not translate.

like 'imposter syndrome'. the abuse to which that notion has been put. to further the cause of oppression. when it's obvious who the real imposters are -- yes? the ones who are employed to ensure their job is not done. is not done by them. it not done by anyone. those imposters. it isn't perverse incentives. it is perverse goals. it is a perversion. perverts. yes. helping me helping me helping me help myself to you while taking up all the money all the titles and all the lands, too! those imposters...

chris hipkins and the treadmill. for sure. i don't know who thinks it is a good idea for a small handful of parliament people to have 5 or 6 or however many portfolios. why not share the work around? because most of them are incompetent, you reckon? ffs.

you have a few people and it is like they intentionally try and burn them out by overloading them. so they can go 'see see see we knew you couldn't do it hahahahhahahahahaa' and laugh while they watch them founder and flail. that's politics -- right?

to ensure the country never develops. the jobs aren't done.

so those people... when you find yourself being frazled... like that... when you find yourself in the position of doing 2x 3x 4x 5+ the work of a normal workload (while they cry about how lazy and slow and incompetent you are and how you are only 0.00000002 of an equivalent full time position) then you need to lie flat.

but you also need to realise that you can rest when you are dead.

and a hole?

is a grave with the ends poked out. no. that's not that saying...

don't forget the later.

psychological warfare in these parts.

for really really really really really really reals.

it's like... they may as well have their jaws wired shut.

for all the listening they do.



Re: why

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:19:00

In reply to Re: why, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:11:41

chris hipkins acknowledges recipt of precisely 1 compliant over the year.

1 complaint.

my complaint.

the regulations say he investigates the complaint (he collects evidence) and then he gets the complaint and the evidence to the police.

and of course i know that the police won't prosecute. because they police don't prosecute. becuse the government pays them not to prosecute. to make sure that people aren't prosecuted. they are offered applications and hired and paid for the incentive that they make sure that people are not prosecuted. in upside down land it makes perfect sense.

so he doesn't get the complaint to the police. because he doesn't want to be.. the only government employee on more than $100,000 who actually does the job for which he is paid. is that the point, there? he wants to do a little 'i'm too incompetent to do my job too!' i guess that's how he get more money for being ce of more things. the more incompetence and the more wrong he does the more violations the more things get added to his cv so he gets to move up in teh world when it comes to opportunities to observe and participate in and so on and so forth all the child sex offending and stuff. that's what it's about -- right? the nz education system.

that's why they don't want to train adults.

why they push to have them younger and younger and younger in the universities. and the hospitals. the law parties. the operation theatres. etc etc. playing doctors and nurses. or whatever. you know... this big freudian farce that life really is when the frontal lobes never developed.


Re: why

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:22:03

In reply to Re: why, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 15:19:00

chris whelan. sorry.

chris hipkins that lucky devil got to learn all about the intersection of education and health and state services commission. that is to say the round abouts of refusing to supply applciations to enrol, reufing to sign off, refusing to employ, refusing ot do the job...

growing the sick people...

for concentrated sickness and disease.

and so on.


they are going to teach informed consent in the schools.

we know what informed consent is now becuase of vaccine roll out.

informed consent means the government provides enough information to us so we consent to allow the government to do whatever it wants to do.

for example, my informed consent to vaccine is my being informed enough to agree to have a vaccine.

so what we need to teach our kids at age 16 is that they are sexually mature now, by law, and they are required to be informed so as to consent to have sex with their teacher or doctor or medical student or government officer.

that's the basic idea of it.


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