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movement reprogramming

Posted by alexandra_k on June 15, 2021, at 7:07:20

i remember there was this thing about how a problem with corporate gyms is that people are spending up to 2 hours per day (and that's being generous, often) trying to undo damage that's being caused to them the other 8 or 10 or 12 hours per day they spend hunched over their computers.

only... i don't think that is it.

computer posture, i mean. seated posture.

i don't think it is about that so much as it is about attention focus.

the trouble is time spent in a state of dis-embodiment. or dis-engagement with the body.

because i can set myself up however... a standing work station. lying down. so it isn't about seated posture. but it is about a level of dis-engagement.

i remember...

when i was working pretty hard in the gym... how it was hard to work at academic things. because i'd be constantly distracted by feeling like i needed to stretch that a bit or mobilise a bit this way... making little adjustments. trying different movements.

fidgeting. i suppose you would call it. i'd feel... fidgety.

and when i get focused properly immersed on the work... then i don't fidget. because i'm doing mental gymnastics with the thinking stuff.

i really do think it is about attention focus. us being creatures of limited blood supply to the brain. it makes sense.

and how it wasn't really possible to study between sets of squats.


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