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culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:23:15

build it and the people will come.

the christchurch hospital. that was what they wanted. a large hospital and all the people to fill it.

prior to the hospital being built they would have had security guards on the door telling people to 'go away' when they presented for assistance.

they would have had the ambulance service diverting people to their gps or to after hours clinics.

they would have been telling people who presented to go away. keep them long enough for their gp office to open and sending them away then.

but now there is a hospital they want to fill it up.

and they want more money.

so they'll be keeping people in the hallway on the floor until they get more money.


the university of auckland paid a ransom to keep alumni donation information private. i wonder how many donations there were between 'you have been waitlisted for medicine' information sent out midnight 24 December and the university opening a couple weeks later. i wonder how many donations they accept between waitlist offers and offers of enrolment, i mean to say.

anyway... the alumni donar list information was kept private because the university paid a ransom to hackers. via some company in south carolina.

but the waikato district health board has said it won't be paying a ransom to hackers. it is reconstructing file notes from backups it has kept. i suppose they are using it as a... pretext... to get rid of file notes that were written by frauds over the years. removing records where they wrote prescritpions. where they involnutarily confined people without authority. kidnapping, i suppose it is. where they injected them with excessive doses of medication or gave them ect when they had not been medically trained and when they had no authority.

i suppose they may be using it as a pretext to offer some present day instruction on file notes. sort of... how to write a history sorts of instruction. the sort of thing that clues people into the people being frauds / not having been adequately trained. the unnecssary judgements. the failure to ask relevant information that anybody competent...

our news fails to distinguish between news and advertising. i mean... there will be articles on there being a new flavor of chocolate released by a particular brand. shameless advertising masquerading as news. product placement.

they are starting with the hard sell on the vaccines now. bullying people into compliance with psychological tactics and techniques. insinuating that people who say they don't want a vaccine are simply saying they haven't recevied enough information yet and they just need to be 'informed' a little more... persistently... before compliance...

the government waived the peoples right to sue the manufacturer for adverse events. the government approved the vaccine for emergency authorisation. it's an experimental vaccine. and there is no community transmission. and there is no evidence that being vaccinated preventes community transmission. and in the face of all that the tactics for compliance are heavy handed. people have lost their jobs already for not being vaccinated.

it's just a culture of bullies. new zealand. does not understand informed consent. does not understand consent. refuses to hear anything it doesn't want to hear including 'no'.

people who refuse to hear what the law is saying when they don't want to hear it.

people who refuse to enforce the law, even.

i am glad that the world won't give us euthanasia drugs. i didn't realise how bad things were in teh hospitals. teh forced compliance. the incrrect judgements and assumptions on the basis of file notes.

how is it possible for there to be cooperation at all?

i never really properly understood that the only reason people wnat to know is so they can seek and destroy it.

they keep me constantly fighting to retain what i have to retain what i have to retain what i have to retain what i have in order to prevent growth to prevent development to prevent anything more.

and what little she has will be taken away.

refuse to acknowledge qualifications completed.
refuse to acknowledge competencies established.

just a continual taking away.

just a denial. 'and what are you going to do about it?'

we aren't going to do any of the things that we are supposed to do...

and what are you going to do about it?

so new zealand is a land where life is nasty bruitish and short because nobody does what they are supposed to do and teh bigest bully always wins. the judges don't enforce or uphold the laws. the police don't collect evidnce (merely fail to collect it or involuntary confine people without grounds). the medical people don't do proper assessments or kepe accurate records or do any of the things they are supposed to do... the teachers are mostly pedophiles... attracted to the profession and given teaching certification precisely because of establishing a history of pedophilia or other forms of child abuse...

we hear of these things all the time in the media... and how nothing will be done about any of these things. nothing will be done. name suppression for offenders will be granted, even, on the grounds that they have relationships with people who will be upset if people know their husband or father or whatever is a murderer or sexual offender or whatever. 'we just thought we could do whatever we wanted -- everybody else was doing it' is actually supposed to be some kind of defence.

the given is never given. always the 'nononononononono we don't accept it'.

like with the whole thing about the world trying to get to gether and make progress on things like climiate change or slavery. and new zealand decides to deny the obvious and drag it's heels and prevent development. keep things back in the dark ages. find in favor of the wealthiest bully ofenders and find against those who were wronged and who were oppressed.

upside down and back to front land...

what a f*ck*ng waste of a life


pay the oppressor pay the abuser

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:32:43

In reply to culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:23:15

how much money did you pay my mother to have me?

how much money did you pay my mother to keep me?

how much money did you pay other people to keep me over the years, too?

how much did you pay my secondary schools for keeping me?

how much did you pay the hospital for keeping me?

how much did you pay the universities for keeping me?

how much did you pay all of these thigns over the years to keep me oppressed?

how much did they profit?

how much did you give them for keeping me?

how much per week did they get?

the correspondance school rings me up concerned they won't get money for having me if i don't submit a piece of work...

one of the teachers... english... tries to (rather heavy handedly) convince me to enrol in english. a 7th paper. because otherwise *gasp* i might not get entrance to university. she wouldn't want it to turn out that i don't get to go back to university because i didn't enrol in english as a 7th paper. that's the pastoral care i get. the quality advice. *give us more money* or *we can get more money from teh government for having you*.

well done new zealadn government. that's a lot of money you spent. far more than you needed to. think how much less you could have spent by givng the funds to manage me to me and let me manage myself. instead of spending how much money on other people so they could manage or abuse me.

the lengths people have gone to to abuse me. the amount of money that has been invested in abusing me.

just wow.

just wow.

and where is my degree?

oh, we were saying that one... we were saving actual jobs for people who we can pay to abuse others.

that's the way of it.


Re: pay the oppressor pay the abuser

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:33:30

In reply to pay the oppressor pay the abuser, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:32:43

so it's time to pay me.

and i can take my share of the money. that people got for abusing me over the years.

take the money and go.

because i't sbeen made fairly darned clear that there isn't anything here, for me.

but bullies and abuse


Re: pay the oppressor pay the abuser

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:35:21

In reply to Re: pay the oppressor pay the abuser, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:33:30

we don't have a health system. judiciary. education. none of it. it's just a front for the bullies and abusers.

are things any better in the US?

i wonder how much money the guards were paid to turn a blind eye as epstein was freed.

where is the security camera footage of him killing himself, then?

it's just not plausible.


Re: pay the oppressor pay the abuser

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:52:52

In reply to Re: pay the oppressor pay the abuser, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:35:21

and people say about new zealand 'i was lucky to get out' and 'i don't think i could make it out again, if i had to make it out again'.

and about overseas: they pay me. they pay me. they pay me. they pay me. they pay me. they pay me.

as opposed to me. of course.

where new zealdn pays other people to keep me as a slave.

to keep me not employed. not in meaningful employment. and not in medical training programme wehre i would do that.

they'd rather pay people who didn't train at all to write notes demonstrating that fact. people who will agree to involuntarily confine people in conditions of torture and inject them with medication and so on and so forth. bullying abusers.

that's our growth adn development plan.

gamma people.

paying some people 5 or 6 or 9 people's worth to keep other people in conditions of deprivation and abuse


Re: culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:00:35

In reply to culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:23:15

which, i suppose, feeds into why we are not allowed to develop.

because of the moral thing.

the choices people make, then, with other sorts of knowledge and information.

i mean, give the VC's of new zealand universities information about how to torture and abuse people to keep them paying money to them paying money to them paying money to them paying money to them paying money to them and not paying their workers... divide and conquer strategies... strategies to have people accepting less and less remuneration for doing more and more... overcrowding strategies... all these strategies intentionally inflicted because of what it is that we have learned abotu these effects of such things in psychology and animal husbandry...

what people will do with the knowledge they have got...

it would be irresponsible to teach them anything.

it would be irrespondible to teach people in new zealnd about organ transplant, say, because they'd start harvesting organs from teh poor to give to the rich.

and so on...

so basically cut off from the world...

people don't really come here anymore (before covid) sharing scientific knowledge or whatever.

they don't want to help us do basic science research... demonstrating basic competence.

and if you are literate they surely won't get your thesis to the external examiners.

when you don't pay people enoguh for them to get a passport (will they even process my application for one if i apply?) the people don't have freedom of movement either.


where is my degree?

i just cannot fathom. i just cannot fathom that they refused to confer my degree and they refused to enrol me in medicine.

i just cannot fathom.

they refuse to follow the laws. and then there is a systemic... systematic... complete. complete and utter break-down on their part.

the courts refuse to uphold the law.

there's really nothing here. not for me.

but i was born here and they don't get to choose.

but they are bullies. and might is right and biggest bully wins and they think since i don't have an angry mob too bad i lose.


new zealand is a land of psychopaths. is all i see...

i just cannot fathom what they have done to me.


Re: culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:10:12

In reply to Re: culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:00:35

the aim is like the matrix. to have people kept immobilised in incubators. not for the good of the machines. but for the good of the chief executives of the instistutions of new zealand. because they get money from the government for the number of peopel they have.

and they keep them immobilised. as hostages. providing as little to them as they can get away with while keeping them alive to keep the numbers up.

there are many institutions designed to hold as mnay people as possible. so they can get money from the government fo reach one of them.

individual households.
all sorts of clubs and things like that.
even jobs. the government pays ce's to provide jobs. to have as many people as possible...

aged care is a big thing. moving into youth care, too.

there was this trust thing that was residential for people who were younger with spinal cord injuries.

but the trust decided they could make more money from the government for puttin gthose people in old folks homes. they could remove the specialised services (rehab servicse. warm pool and physio and so on) and just put them in an old folks home. collect up more money for provision of less service. that's more money for the ce's pockets. that's more money for ryman healthcare or whatever. the aged care institutions listed on the new zealand stock exchange.

we don't do dairy so much... we are expanding into homo sapiens.

dementia is a big one. because then they can't be listened to, you see. they forget what they did. they can't be believed when they complain.

they want the euthanasia medicines so they can get rid of people when they think they have obtained all their money.

but now the universities are going to get in on the dementia thing. they can make money off of adults! for all the degrees they tehmselves regard to be low value.

the sort of degrees where they hire people to persuade or convince people with literacy that they don't have literacy. they don't produc ework that is indistinguishable from the postmodernist essay generator. they aren't spouting the party line.

the sort of degrees where they hire people to persuade or convince people with reasoning that they don't have reasoning. they don't understand informed consent because if htey did then they would understand that informed consetn is compliance. following the law means doing whatever i say because i am above the law. doing the right thing is following orders or instructions to bully and abuse others.

and so on.

appears to be the goal. the strategy. the plan.

what do the ce's do with all their money?

they keep households. that seems to be part of it. they keep children, often. they might have other slaves / workers too. pool boy. gardner. cleaner.


Re: culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:20:57

In reply to Re: culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:10:12

there's something that people find intrinsiclly rewarding surrounding themselves with lackeys or dependents.

intrinsically rewarding.

that's the thing.

like how some people find intrinsic reward pulling wings off flies.

like how a cat might find it entertaining or curious to toy with a mouse.

people enjoy it.

people voluntarily seek out those kinds of inter-personal interactions.

they go around to their bosses house for dinner or whatever. sucking up. paying homage.

the jostling. the pupplies clambering over each other.

the game. it's fun for them.



lack of empathy for those who don't take too well to that.


we are very backwards.

a nation where saying 'it's not okay to cat call women' is still somehow something that is worth saying.

like the discussion needs to be held back there... kept at that level. that needs to still be surprising or controversial in order to prevent development.

mental health is still something that is perceived as apersonal weakness. as in... if you bully someone into having mental health issues... say... depression and feelings of hopelessness about them not being able to prevent yoru bullying and abusing of them... then that somehow is supposed to reflect badly on them.

such that we are enttilted to make money off of employing people specifically to continue on in the abuse of them


'slow your roll

slow your role?

or change the trajectory'


i am living in a bubble.

the trueman show...


what am i supposed to do?


'give up'

yes. i hear that loud and clear


you are supposed to do exactly what your mother does.
that is to say you are supposed to spend the rest of your life on welfare.
you are supposed to not travel.
you are supposed to not have a car.
you are supposed to only engage in free community activities.
you are supposed to accept that that is your lot in life.

you are supposed to accept that only the bullies and abusers are paid to bully and abuse and keep people 'settling' into their place in their community...

and given that you don't desire slaves of your own
given that you don't desire to abuse others...

there's nothing we can do with you.


just so long as we are clear on what gives life meaning.
what life is about


new zealand: best place in teh world in which to be a pedophile


Re: culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:35:11

In reply to Re: culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:20:57

i mean we pay the abusers
and we pay those who enable or allow or condone the abusers.

that seems to be the idea.

i suppose it's because abusers focus their life on taking other people's stuff and so they get a lot of stuff. because the take the stuff. so they have the stuff. yay them. that's what they wanted. they grabbed it. there we go.

and then they give stuff to others... insofar as giving others stuff motivates or incentivies them to do what they want.

and that is the point of having money. so you can give it to people to motivate or incentivise them to do what you want them to do.


new zealand wants doctors. good doctors? doctors who don't bully and abuse the vulnerable?

apparently i am a violent criminal so that means not me.

really... really?

i don't think that anybody genuinely or actually believes that.


people seem pretty motivated to promote that belief of me, though.


yes indeed.


the latest effort of the auckland district health board, particularly.
know what they write on the top left corner of my file like it's my address


so they lock me in a seclusion room and refuse to allow me to leave the hospital


Their Queens Council lawyer that they hired is trying to have the case thrown out of court. There will be a 2 hour hearing as to how the case will not be heard by the courts of New Zealand for various reasons that he will come up with.

And thus far the Justice has REFUSED to ORDER the Auckland District Health Board to supply to me the entirety of my file notes for my most recent admission.

Where the file notes will incriminate them. They incriminate themselves. They display in the file notes they don't have teh capacity to take a pateint history. That likely conveys that this or that person was not really a psychiatrist. Who authorised the administration of medication? Who authoirsed involuntariliy detaining me in a seclusion cell? Who authorised holding me in the hospital for more than the 5 days the initial assessment period was for?

I believe international community consideres tha tinvoluntary detention under conditions of torture.

Who decided it was appropriate to deny me a lawyer?
Who decided it was appropriate to refuse to allow me an outside line preventing me from phoning police?
Who called security such that multiple security guards were posted outside my room where those guards physically prevented me leaving by pushing me back?


Look I get it: They REALLY REALLY RELALY REALY REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to train me to do Medicne.

Look at the lengths they go to to pathologise and abuse me.

'Medicine abuses you. Medicine abuses. Medicie is abuse. It is not fo ryou. Medicine abuses you. You do not do medicine to help others. Medicien abuses you. Got it? Got it? Got it? You are a violent criminal you!! You are insane!!! Got it? Got it?

The lengths they go.

The lengths they go.

The lengths they go.


Where is my Degree?


New Zealand: Best nation in the world in which to be a PEDOPHILE

New Zealand: REFUSES to comply with international conventions on Human Rights.


The courts REFUSE


I am sure Epstein is being transferred here.

Likely promoted to CE of... What's his taste?? 17? Maybe he'd like to go to law camp??


there will never be enough to meet genuine need

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 16:02:51

In reply to Re: culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:35:11

this is what our health leaders are COMMITTED TO.
this is their overall AIM or OBJECTIVE or GOAL.
they aspire to ensuring that there will NEVER BE ENOUGH to meet GENUINE NEED.
the LENGTHS THEY GO TO to ENSURE that that is and always will be the case.

I mean, consider my recent admission. All that nursing time. Security guard time. Time where they were attending to me. They werent' attending to other patients. Other patients were kept waiting.

Either they were bored because there actually aren't enough people presenting to the ER to keep them occupied...

Else they were more interested in torturing and abusing me than they were interested in treating patients.

I suspect a little of both.


There's a genuine incompetence. Don't know what to do.

So they want to focus on where they feel competent. In control.

They asserted that they were in control of me. That's for sure.

And they knew full well that I wasn't any kind of threat to their safety. They used me as a model for all their studnets. From puttin gin an (uncessary) IV line... To doing blood tests ('this is the first time I've done this on an actual patient') to taking my blood pressure... I was a non-threatening model for their students. They used me as a model for their studnets. Repeatedly. Because I was a friendly reassuring face. One of the nurses even wrote on my notes that I appeared to be more afraid of her than she was of me. DESPITE my notes asserting USE OF FORCE was justified for me.

Taking me for a fool


Refusing to allow me to contribute.








I know you are -- and what am I?


Isn't it good to have diveristy?
Things that are hard for me are easy for you.
Things that are easy for me are hard for you.




We must focus on the intersts of a small chosen few only (the elite white minority surprisingly enough)

And we must ensure that these other people don't find a fit... Resonance... Empathy...

From anyone at all. Not on payroll. Clearly. Obviously...


They refuse to allow me to function.


Which in 'i know you are but what am I' land means they committ me.


Re: there will never be enough to meet genuine need

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 16:19:49

In reply to there will never be enough to meet genuine need, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 16:02:51

they refuse to allow me to function
they refuse to allow me to function
they refuse to allow me to contribute
they refuse to acknowlege my strengths
they refuse to acknowledge things i can do
they refuse to acknowledge what i can do
they refuse to allow me to contribute
they refuse to allow me the resources i need to contribute
to function
to produce
to help

they refuse to get with the programme.

the treaty of waitangi has been repeatedly and persistenly used by teh new zealand government as some kind of excuse for repeatedly and persistently violating the rights of maaori.

i mean, they violate the rights of many white people and many non-maori, too, but the treaty of waitangi has been used to sort of simultaneously say that maaori are 'special' with special rights and privaledges or a special recourse for wrongs or whatever... while... well... setting up a special court to hear wrongs to do with that... where the function of that court seems more to be to hold things up and delay and make money for the court (rather than pay out money for settlement).. perhaps even to ensure that payout for settlement will only ensure after they have but all the mechanisms into place to ensure the money will be taken swiftly back or away.

e.g., ensure that the composition of the trust is such that the money on paper will never actually... cash out... for the majority of the people the settlement was supposed to be in the interests of...

and it's a way of re-focusing attention away from the elite white miniority.. by sort of refusign to acknowledge that there are qutie a few of teh endentured servants who were supposed to be killed off by... not maleria in these parts... by... alcohol abuse. suicide. poverty. by contaminated water and food supply chains... and so on... and then immigrants of all kinds of nationalities... and so really just a few elite white minotiry interests, really..

by focusing on the treaty it keeps an 'us and them' sort of a division... whereby maaori can't or won't join forces with the other oppressed groups united against the elite white minority who refuses to share power.

then you pick out one or two maaori... to be special maaori. like winston peters. simon bridges. shane reti. sort of white maaori. maaori who are (implicitly probably more than explicitly) very very racist indeed. maaori who have been taught thatthey were lucky they made it DESPITE the fact that they are maaori. maaori who wish they weren't. maaori who hate the fact htat they are maaori. maaori who... for teh most part.. really don't take themselevs to be... and it's their right. to sort of identify how they will and all that. but these are the few who have been chosen or selected to be advanced because they are maaori because they are not. if that makes sense. like the white aborignial kids who were picked out because they appeared acceptable to the elite white minority of austlrai to be representative or whatever of aboriginal interests. insofar as aboriginal interests were allowed to persiste or remain rather than being genocided...

a sort of... what it means to be elite maaori or aboriginal. to appear white. may as well be. good as. that kind of an idea...

and of course the fact i said all that means i'm a racist who must be murdered in her sleep -- right? the maaori interest has vetoed me out 'definate no' for medicine and they have that power -- right? that's the latest excuse? that's one in teh stream of latest excuses -- right?

i am my own worst enemy -- right?

no.. i'm not doing it to myself . tohers are doing it to me.

any time you want it to stop all you have to do is give up -- right?

no. it will stop when you stop doing it to me.

where is my degree? you were required to allow international community to sign me off. international commjunity did not require me to re-enrol or pay you any more fees. it was time for me to be signed off. and you refused to allow it. it is time to give me my degree and pay in reparation of the fact that you've taken several f*ck*ng years and needed me to get the f*ck*ng courts to FORCE YOU TO DO WHAT YOU WERE REQUIRED TO DO BY LAW

where is my training place in medicine? you were required to regard my application to be an application from an eligible applicant. the law says i'm eligible. you had an interview score. you had an algorithm for calculating my gpa. you had my UMAT / UCAT score. enter them into your system, same as all the toher applicants, and tell me what my rank score was? was it high enough for offer of place? If it was then you are REQUIRED TO ENROL ME.

YOu don't get to go 'nonononononononono we like to abuse you and we want to choose people who like to abuse others'.


Close them down. No medical schools for New Zealand. Let international community take over our hospitals. Teh way tehy took over our engineering sign off. Our milk powder production compliance.

The entire administation of New Zealand ffs...


Re: there will never be enough to meet genuine need

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 16:41:13

In reply to Re: there will never be enough to meet genuine need, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 16:19:49

presently it is not looking at all promising from the courts.

that they are going to find the obvious.


new zealand doesn't have a formal constitution like other nations.

we will say 'we have many constitutional documents' or even say that the treaty of waitangi (a peace treaty between maaori and the british crown) is our constitutional document...

but all of our statutes are supposed to be on equal footing. and there are no restrictions on the laws that parliament is allowed to pass.

historically parliament has been very very conservative in writing new law. we are a relatively new country. the spirit or idea of it seems to be that we are going slow as we can to introduce the laws that have been introduced already in every other developed nation.

we only just teh other day finally got a capital gains tax law on property investment to try and curb the fact that everybody either owns multiple rental properties or pays a landlord around 80 or 90 per cent of their govenment income on rent.


some of the statutes have penalties written into the statute.

'violate this statute and the maximum penalty is a $300 fine' sort of a thing.

pay $20,000 to a lawyer to get the case to the High Court for an offence that has a maximum fine of $300 sort of a thing.

I have seen documents purporting to say that the 'normal' or 'standard' or 'usual' way the court costs are to be distributed are... that they sort of share the costs.

So... $25,000 for applicants lawyers. $20,000 for respondants lawyers. $500 filing fee. $1600 scheduling and 1/2 day trial fee.

For an offence that carries a maximum $300 penalty.

Assuming it isn't appealled...


Other laws don't have maximum penalties associated.


Does that mean there can be no penalty?


High Court found: Yes.

I suppose this might be like this:

'The High Court can only make findings on the basis of precedent. We are a new country. There arne't really any precedents. There isn't really precedent for financial remuneration or any kind of remedy. Therefore the court has no grounds to award remedy'.

What about principles of natural justice?

The High Court is precedent based. I think.


SO then it needs to go to the court of appeal.


This is the state of developmetn of law in NZ


The Court of Appeal previously found that damages should be awarded for Bill of Rights Violation.

New Zealand has a Bill of Rights. Very very minimal.

It says within it that it is not an exhaustive list. Other rights may exist and it doesn't mean to rule them out. But there is a rudimentary list. With no remedy for violation built into the statute. It isn't like 'maximum fine of $300 dollars per day for involuntarily confining a person in conditions of torture'.

Anyway... The court of appeal decided... To award damages for a bill of rights violation.

It was decided that a law without remedy was 'toothless'. So they gave teeth to the law by providing an award of damages.


The Universities of New Zealand violate the Education Act. They refuse to accept that the Statute deems domestic adults to be eligible to be enrolled in programmes they have applied to.

They refuse to enrol domestic adults in programmes they have applied to because they want to force the adult to enroll in teh progarm of their (rather than the domestic adults) choosing. Like me. Delaying enrolling me in teh MPHl because they wanted to force me to do a PhD.

Refusing to consider me for Medicien. Just going 'no' and dismissing my application without processing it properly.

The statute gives them discretion to *also* or *additionally* consider teenage applicants. But there is no discretion to refuse to accept htat domestic adults are eligible or to throw away their applications without processing them through to the selection stage (e.g., when all the eligible applicants are considered in a rank order list).


So the court of appeal needs to give teeth to the Education Act.

They are required to allow domestic adults to work to international standarsd of scholarship. That means geting their work to external examiners. That means allowing external examienrs to sign the students off.

They are required to pay me damages for their failures to comply with the statutes.

They are required to have trained me. I want my training place. And reparation for the fact they refused to do that. Dealying me. Refusing to accept my completed qualifications. Refusing to accept my tehsis.

I don't care if they like what I said my thesis or not. I d'nt care if I"m liable. They can sue me. But they hav eno power to refuse to confer my Degree.


If the courts of New Zealand won't do it (won't allow New Zealnd studnets to work to international standards and won't allow international community to sign off on New Zealand students copmletion of research Degrees) then...

No Universities for New Zealand.

It was the f*ck*ng oversight.

You have to let us check you made the milk powder properly because if we don't check up on you people die.

You have to let us check you mixed the concrete properly and poured enough of it. you used the correct grade wood. YOu did the things you were supposed to do for building complance. Otherwise we can't insure the building. It' sa hazard. It will burn and people could die.

You have to let us sign your studnets off.

You can't keep slaves.

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