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cervical smears of newborns

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 8:24:01

so, i'm trying to understand how it goes...

apparently new zealand has found that newborns have abnormalities on their smears.

i don't know that mothers are consenting for their infants to be given cervical smears.

but they must be taking them to assert that they have found this. abnormal cervical smears. in newborns. abnormal looking cells under the microscope at birth.

and they keep taking samples through time. so they can track the changes.

and apparently they get some idea of fluctuation... sometimes cells look abnormal. but then they right themselves. so that means we don't intervene. because things right themselves.

and i think to myself...

about the shadow cast by the observer.

about the damage to the cells that was inflicted in the taking of the sample.

and about how this doesn't constitute a contribution to knowledge.

it really doesn't.

except insofar or inasmuch as it's an articulation of psychopathy of researchers...

who would violate infants, so.

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