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cleaning the file notes

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 0:07:18

the waikato district health board is going through their electronic file notes for things that might incriminate them in the international courts.

all the file notes where cliniicans admit they want someone to be placed in seclusion or injected with a needle or to have food withheld or to be interruped on 15 or 20 minute obs checks precisely with the intention to punish the person for something.

all the evidence of that.

that appears to be what's going on. the reason / rationale for it.

you change the administrator password so people can't login anymore.

then the CE has a little chat to the staff. start from the top: is there anything in your notes that incriminate you in an international tribunal or court? think neurenberg trials. is there anything in there that might incrimate me (you knew or ought to have known what was going on in your hospital).

apparently the entire board was laid off by the government 2019. so the present CE is relatively new...

but it looks like they are giving them the 'opportunity' to clean up their file notes.

the waikato distrit health board was renowned, over the years, for hiring frauds.

there is evidnce for that, of course, in the file notes.

the quality of the file notes.

people demonstrating in their file notes they don't know how to write professional notes. they don't know how to take a history. they don't know how to do a clinical examination. they don't know the relevant differentials. they don't ask the questions relevant for determining differentials. they incriminate themselves.

yeah.. that's why i want the auckland file notes. i strongly suspect at least one of the doctors was a fraud. because he didn't take a history. he didn't ask the questions you would expect. he didn't cover the relevant ground. he didn't ask me about whether i'd been on medication previously. he didn't show anhy knowledge or understanding...

at some stage i got them to photocopy my file notes from waikato. from psychiatry. i was pretty shocked at what was in them. at the... blatant lies, at times.

at the judgement. from the nursing staff, particularly. from them saying they spent time with me or spoke with me (when they did not). some o fthem used to hide in the nurses station all shift doing crosswords or whatever. i didn't know they were lying in their file notes. they would lie and say judgemental things. on the basis of the diagnosis...

like..... they would flip back and say things they thought sounded plausible.

so on the basis of someone writing 'borderline' at one point... they would say things about manipulative or attention seeking. even when i didn't have any contact with them all shift.

just blatant lies.

and this whole narrative got going about borderline me.

even things like my having carefully manicured nails as evidence i was histrionic and only pretending to be depressed. when (at that time) i severely bit my nails, actually. so just a blatant lie.

even some evidence of other people's notes being entered into my file. at one point i had the wrong persons name, even.

just complete garbage.


and of course all the things about 'if i can't help you then nobody will. recommend discharge from service'. and the times i was discharged without a plan. without follow up. without support. and of course the fact that i was often discharged into a situation that was obviously abusive. they refused to arrange for an alternative for me.

just endless evidnce of abuse at the hands of the clinicians in the hospital.


so they'll be cleaning their notes.


i need to get the step 2 books...
writing a file history.
thinking in terms of presenting signs and symptoms.
taking a focused history.

a differnet way of organising or arranging the step 1 information.



Re: cleaning the file notes

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 0:13:55

In reply to cleaning the file notes, posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 0:07:18

i am talking about my previous PAPER notes. they likely weren't entered into the system. i have no interest of re-living any of that through the courts.

i would like to move forwards with my life.

i would like to move forwards.

i just mean that presently... people presently in the waikato hospital. thinking about their present day current use of seclusion and the like. the present employees. their recent file notes. their file notes to do with their current patients.

thinking about writing their notes like the patient might themselves read them. people who love the patient might read them. family or someone. or international tribunal people might read them. for evidence of.. professionalism. competence. just... yeah...

they did employ good clinicians sometimes. most of the nurses were pretty good. a few of the nurses were terrific. but the bad ones were stand-outs to be sure. something should have been done about them because they were problems for all the staff...

thinking of some of the pompous tw*ts who were barely competent in the name of psychiatry. parading groups of junior clinicians... medical studnets... the attitudes those staff were teaching and demonstrating to the students...


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