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the land grab

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2021, at 23:47:45

so people build a house on someone else's land.

and the courts won't do anything. it's painful to drag it through the courts. it's costly.

how much money would it cost to buy some explosives or fireworks? or set it on fire.

i mean... if it's on your land -- it' syour house -- right?

social contract broken.

burn it down.



Re: the land grab

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2021, at 23:53:35

In reply to the land grab, posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2021, at 23:47:45

it seems to be whoever pays the biggest bribe wins.

i mean...

i took my landlord to tenancy tribunal for him refusing to follow the legislation.

he somehow gets them to agree to a re-hearing.

i'm told that the effect of granting that is that the previous hearing is thrown out. now a new adjudicator is appointed. the new adjudicator hears everything afresh and makes a new judgement.

then the adjudicator finds exactly what the first adjudicator found.

then somehow the landlord gets the court to agreee to a re-hearing. again: the whole thing from the very start.

this adjudicator is weird.. there is a moment where he says something... he is like... i was supposed to... acknowledge something... his power to... otherwise.. he can't help me. that's what it said. it was something like... i'm supposed to... tell the whole story again from the beginnig otherwise he won't help me.

like... it's a personal favor i'm asking for him. to use his personal discretion.

like he chooses whether or not he will grant mercy from his own choosing.

that is to say he isn't serving justice. he isn't bound by justice to judge fairly from the evidence.

it is an exsercise of him employing his power.

and he writes a judgement where i am technically correct but not substantively because he chooses not to do anything which means there isn't a substantive difference.

so that's three hearings. 3 adjudicators find he broke the laws. 2 gave substance to that (ordreed him to pay damages to incentivise compliance with the law) and 1 decided that the landlord (who called him 'sir') should be given preference to a person who believed it was his job to serve justice.

so i file an appeal.

so there is to now be a hearing about how i am to arrange to pay the courts a fee... a security fee or something like that... otherwise the hearing won't proceed.

that is to say: we do not appear to have a justice system, at all.

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