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Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 18:29:41

i mean...

i am not one of these people who needs my friends to agree with everything i say. i mean... i know there is a dynamic sometimes where someone is like 'my boyfriend is such an *ss i hate him for x'
and the girlfriends go"
'riiiiiiight on. he's so despicable! i don't know how you have put up with him so long! you are a fabulous person and he doesn't deserve you!'
next day
'how's your despicable boyfriend, girl? how ya doing babe?
'oh, no, we made up now. he's the sweetest thing'.
'oh right on sister. he's such a great guy! you are so lucky to have a man like that. we are all jealous as hell'.

or some variant. of 'whatever you say because we like you'.

i have always had trouble with that.

just... not into the dynamic. it feels... empty. i guess the words are irrelevant. it's about supportive feelings. and garbage words. frontal lobes no work-y.

but when it comes to the dean 'deciding' whether a studnet has 'done enough' for a degree (done enough sucking up)...

there's no professionalism.

teh frontal lobes actually don't seem willing or able to parse the laws.

a refusal to play that game. a refusal to play by the rules. an incapacity or unwillingness to understand the reason for the rule...

holding the entire country to ransom.

no development.

nothing to see.


point was i didn't expect my friends to support me with lies. with garbage. suportive meaningless statements.

i did expect them to be able to parse the rules and agree with what the rules required.

with friends like those who needs enemies -- right?

welcome to new zealand.


Re: k

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 18:32:13

In reply to k, posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 18:29:41


they have their own depression that comes from living amongst the dementors in new zealand.

the prevalence of dementors and news written by dementors and senior official dementors and the like.

guarding this prison island that is new zealand.

it gets most people down.

suicide / murder rate being so high and all.

refuge for teh pedophiles of the world.

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