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look at the choices our administration makes

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 17:52:01

look at the choices they make. how badly they insist upon abusing new zealanders while grubbing up such significant excess of money for themselves...

they think that the USA (and others) are going to simply just give them cheap doses of vaccine.

*why would they do that*

just think what our esteemed administrators would do -- if they thought they could get away with it.

look at the things they are doing. look at the things they are getting away with.

but they think that they are getting free handouts for their benefit from crying poor on the world stage?

our government took away citizens right to sue for problems with the vaccine. they took liability from manufacturers.

in other words the new zealand government has instruted the manufacturers that they can manufacture to and for the new zealand people however they want.

with impunity.

because everyone knows the new zealand government refuses to stand up for it's people.

only interested in abusing them and arranging for them to be abused.

f*ck*ng idiots


Re: look at the choices our administration makes

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 17:58:10

In reply to look at the choices our administration makes, posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 17:52:01

it wasn't even lawful. for them to have approved a vaccine for emergency use. there was no emergency. and it wasn't for a class of people it for for all adults.

and they go 'oh well we'll just change the laws retrospectively'

there isn't anhy difference from changing the laws retrospectively in order to justify not delivering consequences for legal violation and not having any laws at all.

ashley bloomfield got away with ordering the nation to lockdown and it was unlawful.

and he was sad he didn't keep memoirs.

and then they decided to acquire a vaccine for all adults in a state of emergency (when there was no national emergency) and tell the manufacturers to do whatever they wanted with impunity (hey that's what they are doing -- right)?

apparently an overseas investor paid 100 million for a new zealand software company (yeah right).

teh new zealand government did not choose to do business with that new zealand company. giving them the contract to look after hostpital or health records. for example.

that would be because it's cheaper (the government thinks) to get the contract for hospital secutiry from an overseas agency. you know... sell our data to the israelies. or whatver. north korea. you get the idea.

so now the overseas agency will get that 100 million back from new zealand (and then some). because the whole game is to support local adn get with the progamme there. and climate change and all that. this idea of doing the right thing and all.

but they don't get it. so you have to artificailly impose sanctions (which is tiresome). that's why there wsa this thing about the district health board not paying a ransom.

but they will pay. one way or another.

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