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and it would have f*ck*ng killed them...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:57:22

to have said to me, when i was in Aussie... that i should look into whether new zealanders were australian citizens, during my time there.

that if i didn't feel i had the maths knowledge... there were various things i could do... high school or whatever. if i wanted to do science i could try science at uni or high school or whatever...

to have encouraged me in that direction. and i would have seen value in finishing my PhD and in maybe even continuing to work hospitality... not as a third class australia, but on the understanding that i was investing in a longer-term thing... taking temporary hit, if you like, so that i could gain more of an education in maths and science... be allowed to work for medicine.



so i leave without my PhD.

and i work for the New Zealand system.

and i work for it. oh yes i do.

and again.. temporary hit. put up with because temporary. sacrifices i'm making because i'm working towards...

and eventually things come to a head, for sure. when i see how they intentionally set up something that was designed to have people fail only.

that is to say, quite literally, the univesrity administration was distributing grades on the basis of what people they chose... and they were never going to chose me. because they want children. and because they want people who will keep their heads down and tuck right in to their weird extermination plan or whatever the f*ck.

i suppose i know that there is indeed a whole other world that i don't see in nzl. people decided to exclude me.

because they don't have the capacity to distinguish who has the capacity. i know that because of the heavy-handed involvement they have in deciding who gets to do what... together with the fact that we don't have the most basic of things. because in this situation where things are sooooo competitive because there are more capable people than places they just keep on picking the ones who... well.. lets list all the things that we don't have. we don't have. we don't have. the product and result and outcome of their heavy-handed decision making. it's certain not the product of too much free choice on behalf of the people -- right.

so at some point they make their snap quick hasty judgment on the basis of only partial or limited information. and then they are entirely recaltruent to any evidence to the contrary. they have decided i am homeless worthless bum who will kill herself any minute and my only value in in verbal blah blah that they do not value at all and so i'm to garbage garbage garbage

and all teh things we do not have. all the things we do not have. all the decsiions they make because they know best. and all the things we do not have.

but their kids have whatever they want. right? because they are intrinsically of most capacity. and who is going to stop them.


anyway... the rules they made... that i worked for...

well... then i got to see how they only made them becuase they thought nobody could meet the requirement they set.


they instructed people to make the impossible triangle.

was how they approached my GPA.

it couldn't be as high as it was.

but i worked very hard to get it there and to keep it there too. i worked very hard at that. at studying. oh yes. back in the days when they were using the questions from the textbook authors. when people wren't paying to win. when there were high quality questions testing reading comprehension of quality contents...

and essays i spent a lot of time editing and polishing. where most people would spend a good 4 6 12 hours work effort less... and where i did all the readings and so on... i was a good student. at courses that most people didn't work for or on.

now they have removed the ability to work on them.

critical reasoning is gaslighting. not a therefore any outcome the dean likes. if i have a dollar in my wallet and my wallet is in my pocket is oxygen contributing to partial pressure? if i say he gets his work done on time i imply that his work lacks all merit.. it's a principle of conversational implicature, didn't you know? that getting your work done on time is something that shall never be mentioned... it would be rude to mention it... impoite. setting up to fail. the things you learn in philosophy!!!


i did in fact beat them at their own game.

and they are requiqred to pay.

but we do not have we do not have we do not have...

the graduates of the progarmme want to get away.

maybe because they don't like torturing innocent children solely for fun afger all.

awwww.. but who doesn't want to get all that money (all tha tmoney all that money) for torturing the little cancer kids? i mean go fund me. right????


Re: and it would have f*ck*ng killed them...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 20:02:44

In reply to and it would have f*ck*ng killed them..., posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:57:22

and the more money you have and the more you love your kid the more you'll pay you'll pay you'll pay you'll pay the psychopath you chose to do your bidding -- right?

to go exerminate those *other* children, over there...



Posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:31:22

In reply to and it would have f*ck*ng killed them..., posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 19:57:22

that's what public health is.


they treat us like animals... so we can live free to be animals. apparently.

something like that.

people with HIV aren't contagious until they develop AIDs. right?

that's how disease works. right?

people with syphilis? if they pass the look-see test and the smell-test. then they can't make others sick. right?

that's how come my being vaccinated is any of your business. because if my being vaccinated prevents me looking sick to you... then you can't get sick from me. right?

vaccination keeps down the viral load of the individual. they say. they say that that's why my being vaccinated is any of your business. because if i am vaccinated i will carry less of the virus than i would if i wasn't vaccinated.

and the evidence for that is to be found...



and (even more to the point) was the evidence for that to be found BEFORE politicians started saying that people didn't have the right to anything unless they voluntarily consented to being vaccinated?

so the government takes away teh health system.
chooses not to pay trained people.
chooses not to train people who pay.
chooses not to hand out application to enrol forms.

chooses to not do any of the things it's supposed to.
chooses not to provide any services.
chooses not to supply funding for supply of services.

that government...

it isn't enough to not supply any services...

it then needs to reduce demand for services.

it needs to get the people not demanding services.

just stay home and die in your beds people. no services for you. nada. no health. no education. nothing. zip. no police. no fire. no law. nothing. zip. zilch. zero. nothing.

you go.... all the things the government is supposed to do or supply...

what were they were supposed to do again?

sqabble and squawk... public dancing... holding mass spreader events. i mean mass vaccination events. i mean mass spreader events. i mean barbecues and coffeee and take your masks off mass spreader events...

what the f*ck is going on?


Re: inhumane

Posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:36:19

In reply to inhumane, posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:31:22

i mean it just doesn't make any sense at the very most basic level.

the government has no clothes. or something.

of course i know it isn't about 'consent'.

i understand what it's about.

it goes like this:

ooooooooooh shiny shiny jingly thing!!!!
oooooooooooooooooh shiny shiny jingly distractor!!!!

ooooooo people don't know what consent means?
consent to this.. consent to that... consent to this?
what do you MEAN by consent?

noooooo what do you MEEEEEEEEEEAN.

oooooooooooh it's so faaaaaaaaascinaaaaaaating...

ooo i could speend myyyyyyy whooooooooooole liiiiiiiiiiiife thhiiiiiiinking espeseeeeeeeeecialllly sloooooooooooowly about what's f*ck*ng obvious in the first 0.436 seconds.

garbage garbage garbage

(narcissistic gaslighting and word salad)


Re: inhumane

Posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:40:38

In reply to Re: inhumane, posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:36:19

and then it just comes back to and then they get sick...

and the way they insist others are to be treated is the treatment of them.

and they will comply with the directive to die.

nasty. bruitish. short.

survival of the winner!!! climbing up the pyramid of life etc etc.



Re: inhumane

Posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:50:34

In reply to Re: inhumane, posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:40:38

i suppose it is that the political types want to be hand held and cooed to while they die. there there feel better. that's what they want for themselves.

apparently that's the thing of it...

some people just won't let go.

just won't let it go.

just keep on fighting...

so those people...

you need to give them something... a little something something. a little opiates or euthanasia drug... a little something something.

so they let go. they go... 'oh i didn't realise i was in pain before all fighting and all wound up' and they let go.

and when they let go they accept...

aw... there there feel better.


that's consent -- right?

when they choose to let go and accept they had only 6 months to live...


who decides again?


where are the advance directives?



Re: inhumane

Posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:52:01

In reply to Re: inhumane, posted by alexandra_k on October 18, 2021, at 19:50:34

the government wrote you an advance directive?

did they?

awww. that was good of them. helpful.

what of your rights did they take away for them to get to do that?

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