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it's a good time for a hospital merger

Posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:06:37

it's a good time to choose to use the public sector for private advantage.

it's a good time to take vaccines that are supposed to be distributed for the public good... for them to find their way into the arms of the senior executives of the private hospital.

it's a good time.

it's a good time to realise the money-churning money-spinning money-making potential of using public hospitals for private advantage.

to take from the poor...

to take the organs.
to take the experimental findings.

to use them to profit those who already take every advantage for themselves
or who profit from sales thereof.

it is a very good time.

i think about the opportunity cost...

of how it could be a genuine mutually beneficial arrangement or situation.

a public-private partnership.

and i see how corrupted and morally depraved the people are...

i see that they do pick 'em young because their parents will pay for them to be picked young. every possible advantage...

i don't suppose it seemed so bad or wrong when they were learning in the private hospitals on them and their own.

but where will the organs come from?
where will the plasma come from?
where will the vaccines come from?

where will the victims come from?

who will they practice on?

who will bear the cost of their learning?


and good people can't / won't do business...

and then the kuru sets in.

i suppose the problem is...

it set in already.


Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger

Posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:23:28

In reply to it's a good time for a hospital merger, posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:06:37

contamination of the food supply chain.
what they put in the slops.

not just figuratively.

i mean the only question we have to ask is:

and why wouldn't you? i mean... if you thought you could get away with it...

of course they are feeding people people.

i mean... why wouldn't they. if they thought they could get away with it...

why the hell wouldn't they grind up freshly dead protein and throw it into the slops.

who's to stop them?

why the hell not?

and how low can we go?

the only thing to think is... lower and lower and lower and lower and lower and lower than low.

just how much lower can we go?


lower and lower and lower and lower than low.

how high 'up' the food chain can we do it?

is it in the supermarket meats?

likely so...

not just the hooves and the intestines and the eyes and the aborted fetuses...

the brains and so on...

all the things.

waste not, want not.

and of course we don't talk about 'Kuru' anymore.

we talk about alzheimers and parkinsons and dementia and even drug induced these things.

and it's just contamination of the food chain by greedy grubby psychopathic idiots for no other reason than: they can.

i don't see anything to stop them.

do you?

10 years later we'd still be waiting for a court date.

the police would swear it was a civil matter.

tis a good time for a hospital merger...


Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger

Posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:34:10

In reply to Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger, posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:23:28

i guess there are many many 'lessons' one could take of world war II

what went on.

what went wrong.

how 'unfortunate' it was that an example was made of the Nazis when they weren't really doing anything so very very different from what many other countries were doing...

were they?

were they?

i mean... i know... about the death camps. about the extermination chambers.

other countries didn't do that -- did they?

didn't they?

the Japanese were trying to infect people in their camps with biological diseases. the plague and things like that.

it's harder to get community transmission than you might think.

new zealand being the present day case in point.

who knows what was going on in the US because the US has focused the story on Jewish trauma.

and what went on.

what went wrong.

there was the stuff about eugenics.

the great breeding programme.

purity of bloodlines.

i don't see that that's changed.

this idea/l of a small minority that looks out for it's own at everyone else's expense.

the sort of in-bred Kuru they have -- mostly figurately, i think...

what happens to / with Kings or Queens from literal in-breeding.

coupled with too much power.

mad or drunk with power.

a kind of dementia or intellectual handicap or mental retardation.

a kind of focus on the present that is blind or impervious to others.


i wonder how many people in New Zealand actually are in paid employment.

25 per cent are disabled. that is to say incapacitated in this country. non functional. not working.

and then everyone who is a studnet... and the government goes hard on keeping people enrolled in study and training programmes...

that's why they think i'm a f*ck*ng idiot.

because we don't have education.

we have systems of 'we don't pay you -- you pay us okay?'

and the whole point or aim of them is you only do that for as long as you absolutely need and you go into the first job you find and your life begins with you grubbing up the hierarchy of following the trail of money.

and the government will decide what you do by offering you increments of money increase

and they're ingenious with their cunning plan of how to...

how to...

uh, what's the point, again?

how to keep as many people paid as little as possible...

doing nothing.

doing no work.

just grubbing up more and more money for an elite little few.

the little twinkling light that is new zealand.

the little spark of GDP about to be extinguished any old day, now.

the world doesn't need / want our heavy polluting rubbish.

but... what else do we produce?

in a country that could only take the moral high road...

they lacked the ability to comprehend their position.

have another cow brain.

person brain.

grubitty grub grub grub.

cry cry cry for vaccine handouts.

don't pay your workers.

don't educate your people.

don't produce anything.

i wonder when they'll get back to bombing christchurch...


Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger

Posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:49:07

In reply to Re: it's a good time for a hospital merger, posted by alexandra_k on January 24, 2021, at 13:34:10

i wonder if we have even 7 per cent employment rate.

of every 100 people in new zealand... i wonder if even as few as 7:100 are in paid, full time, employment.

and then we can start talking about how much money they make every week in their paid employment.

and how many dependents they have.

so we have people working long hours for minimum wage to feed themselves... and a housefull of children and illegal immigrants.

and i suppose the government knows that situation for what it is...

and chooses...

to only allow one of the household to be employed.

and how much pay they shall receive.

to be lord and master of their household.

that's why my friend says 'i don't ever have to worry about work... i just flow from contract to contract and only need to have about 6 months savings to tide me over before the next 'opportunity' eventuates... things just seem to open up for me... even if it's a sort of temporary transitional thing to tide me over for a time until a more suitable lengthy project...'

because she's one of them. the esteemed elite. and she's got slaves to support... she needs money to keep her slaves...

and that's why none of the jobs are for me.

they only ever tell me to go back to school.


the screams of dementors

she thinks she's so cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaver!!!

she thinks she's so much cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaverer than us!!!!


she actually thinks she's learning useful valuable things


we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!
we don't pay her!

look how clever she is!!!!



China no longer recognises our degrees.


and there goes our major export.

because we didn't give them the degrees they paid for.
for the work that they did.

we didn't honor our contract.

so that's it.

no more studnets for us, then.


and what would it have cost us?

to keep things flowing through...

signing off the old...

starting up the new...


clinging with grubby little fists.


nobody wants to play with you, new zealand.

good people can't do business.

it's f*ck*ng tiresome

'do your job do your job do your job do your job do your job the job for which you are paid do your job do your job do your f*ck*ng job okay?'

whacky whacky with big sticky only language you understand-y

no people doing business with you



f*ck*ng psychopaths.

greedy grubby grub.

the university got taken over by people not willing / able to produce anything.

anti-intellectuals who decided to grubitty grub grub grub all the money and undermine the very reason / rationale / purpose.


they'll have to send the medical people around with military because the people won't voluntariliy go to the hospitals.

won't ask for help.

oh glory days look at the money we save on health spending.

f*ck*ng idiots.

the opportunity cost of public private partnership.

they only understand 'we win because we don't have expenditure' and 'we exploit public for private advantage'.

no fairness.

it's toooooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.

squwak squawk squawk squeeeeeeeee nobody listens to me!!! nobody listens to me blkdjoesihehgdkghdlkj hdljfkj listen to me! listen to me!

noising up the channels so nothing gets done.


the ventillators are here.

the personel are buying their way into the country...

getting ready??

are we ready yet??


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