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Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:02:55

apparently jacinda ardern has some. by different authors, even. not just ones she wrote herself.

apparently she thinks outside the box and marches left right left or thinks left right left with a government approved list of christmas reading material.

all... what was that short story...

phillip k dick.

i thought it was in the collection 'minority report' but i can't find any mention of it. strange.

it was 'something about clancy' or 'something about chancey' or similar...

about this much beloved political leader. he would have this time on television and tell the public things... mention a brand of scotch that he liked -- and sales would rocket. and so on.

and it turned out that he was a figment. an... avatar we call them now.

cooked up in some conn-munications lab.

my patience is all worn out.

where is my offer of enrolment?
what could possibly take you so f*ck*ng long?
process teh applications
process the applications
process the applications.

we don't need 'more training places'
we don't need 'more doctors'
we need 'some doctors'.
we need 'some actual doctors'.
to get them we are going to need to:
process the applications
process the applications
process the applications.

offer jobs to all and only those who are willing and able to do the f*ck*ng job according to it's job description
process teh applications
process the applications
process teh applications.

the government simply won't.
simply isn't.
simply doesn't.

has been told.
ignores it.

if the government isn't accountable to the people...
if the government doesn't process teh applications
can't process teh applications
won't process the applications
won't advertise jobs
doesn't do any of the things it's supposed to do...

we don't mind Brexit because it won't hurt us.


we are being left out of trade-deals because good people cannot do business with us.

we don't process teh applications.

we don't comply with international regulations.

climate change. what are doing about it?
'make us'
'you can't make us'
'we do whatever we want'

sure you do.
and nobody will do business with you.

process the applications.

the judiciary...

has told them 'the people have the right to refuse to be subject to medical experimentation. the people have the right to informed consent'

but they only select and train people who they believe will comply with them doing whatever they want whenever they want because they want and i'm pretty darned sure they do their very very best-est to bully away anybody who doesn't share their f*ck*d up desires.

how do i know?

process the application
process the application
process the application.

does the judciary work?

what happens when the evidence is presented of people believing they are above the law?

just recently i saw in teh news teh Ombudsman did an inspection of a prison (I think it was) and (gasp shock horror) for the first time ever (I do believe) he didn't give them advance notice warning that he was coming to do an inspection.

usually he gives them weeks or months notice. and still writes up violations and they just ignore them.

like the reports to the government with 25 changes needed and they are like 'we have already started on 5 so we are on to it'. but of course 20 years later we'll discover they only achieved 1.5 of them.

we still don't have fit tested adequate ppe for front line health workers.

soon the Covid will get here and we'll see how many the little psychopaths manage to murder in the hospitals.

i'm not seeing 'have more babies have more babies have more gamma gamma babies' plastered all over work and income these days.

conceived in alcohol
born into oxygen deprivation
a little experimental surfactant to hasten the oxygen deprivation no doubt
observational study on dose-dependent response of lungs to that black mould / fungus
a little experimental asthma treatment no doubt
a little lung cancer
sporulating fungus

it's how we like to keep 'em in nz

when we're not trying to get 'em sick with rheumatic fever from withholding the most basic level of care such as antibiotics (in the name of fighting the fight against antibiotic resistence while simultaneously having highest rates of antibiotic prescription to poultry farms and the like awwwwwwwwwwwwww just how much we care).

shut up, alex.


i'll shut up.

it's served me so well. shutting up.

where's my money?
where's my money?
where's my house?
where's my job?
where's my car?

where's my friends (forget that, with friends like these who needs enemies).

iteresting that education has become a paid for trophy to sit on the mantle piece. that's what it is, now.

i think about how jacinda ardern can send her kid full fee payed to harvard and it wouldn't be 1/2 her income each year. while the rest of us are supposed to pay considerably more than 1/2 our income to live in houses that are killing us.

killing us.
killing us.

that's how we keep our people.

unhealthy, unhappy, unproductive.

repeatedly persistently routinely violating their rights.

sh*tt*ng all over international conventions and treaties.

get used to the borders being locked down, new zealand.

till you learn to treat people humanely in voluntarily signed up for quarantine...

till you learn to train front line health workers to practice humanely (not degenerate to stanford prison experiment atrocities).

develop the f*ck*ng infrastructure already.
accountability ffs.

put the psychopaths in prison where they belong.

we's sick and f*ck*ng tired of them holding everything back.

holding the people as hostages trying to demand ransom.

process the applications
process the applications
process teh applications

hire all and only those who are competent

then you will have all the teachers and doctors and so on tha tyou need.

process the applications
process the applications.

do you really need 2 million dollars to write up a narrative on how your patients are sick becuase they don't have petrol or electricity or cars and they can't get to and from appointments and they don't have healthy homes.

for 4 million dollars what's your plan? to double them? double your 'farm'. it's not like you have a notion of informed consent -- right? it's not like you treat them humanely, even for animals -- right?

process the applications
process the applications
process the applications.

they can't do it.

they won't do it.

facilitation payment?
bribe payment?
phone call.... 'let me talk you thought it. what is the problem. oh, you need to talk to jim about that but jim doesn't like you...'

process the applications.


Re: world war three

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:24:11

In reply to books, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:02:55

so this pretty much is world war three, i guess. the form that modern warfare has taken. i'm not so very surprised.

the leaders collude really rather a lot i really do belive.

i suppose the main aim of the leaders is to keep the things they've got (to increase the things they've got) for as long as they can becuase they can... i guess that's the primary aim or goal. power. for the sake of power. people get off on it. find it intrinsically rewarding or whatever.

but the only legitimate rule is when the ruler is ruling for the good of the people. and there needs to be independence and critique and so on to keep that in check. because it is impossible to keep focused on the good of the other (rather than yourself) 24/7 for any sustained period of time. you get hungry, cranky, lonely, tired, whatever... and you can't be perfect mother. and of course people make mistakes.

but people don't like to hear things they don't like to hear and they surround themselves with people who only say what they want to hear. and if they have all the power and there's no balance then i suppose the lengths they end up going to in an attempt to silence and oppress and suppress the things they can't / don't want to deal with.


we hear a lot about black power... i think particularly because in northern states people aren't so very racist against blacks.

most of the vitriole is reservered for illegals.

and since they wanted to go to the US for a better life... and since they entered unlawfully or overstayed... a lot of people seem to think just and fitting punishment is that they don't get a better life. and their kids don't get a better life. so as to disincentivise and dissuade more and more and more and more and more people from flocking to the US unlawfully or from overstaying.

and that's a horrible situation / position.

so i guess the idea was to deport them. and i don't see what else you can do, actually.

and so there's a problem. for sure.

new zealand is still in the position of taking brown (we call them brown not black) pacific islanders... promising them money to send back home for seasonal work. on the plantations. that's the true and proper way that we should see that.

we keep them warehoused in substandard living conditions and their entry visas are tied to their employer so they have no right to be here unless they are, uh, slaving on the plantations. they might get some money... but less than minimum wage. and they're required to live on site. and so on.

sheep sheering was another. tuberculosis was spreading in the warehouse accommodations.

and this is the backbone of our economy, apparently. basically slave labor.

and will we improve our laws so that employers are required to treat their workers humanely?


well, then...

good people cannot do business with us.

where's my f*ck*ng degree?
why isn't my thesis in the university library?
i don't care if you like it. i don't care if you agree with it. if you think i am making unsubstantiated claims then invite me to give a talk and you can question me in question time.
if you think i'm libellous then you can sue me.
if you think i'm too poor to sue then you can seek a declaration from the judge to preserve your reputation and to save new zealand from this scourge that happened because of freedom of speech.

process the enrolment.
process the completion.

we're tooooooooooooo stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid to do aaaaaaaaaaaany of the things that we are paid to do.

how long can it possibly take you to process a 1 year research masters?

completed in 2018.

where is my f*ck*ng degree?
where is my place in medical school?

i have written to the minister of education.
i have written to the prime minster.
i have informed the police.
i have infomed the new zealand vice chancellors committtee..

theeeeeeeeeeeeey dooooooooooon't haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave toooooooooooooooooooo.

it's like someone put the IHC in charge in this country.

close down the borders.

overseas needs to process the asylum / refugee applications from new zealand.

because the new zealand government refuses to do any of the most basic of things that it is supposed to do.

they refuse to procss the applications
process the applications
publically advertise jobs
hire all and only the competent
procss the applications
if people refuse to perform their statutory function:
they are fired.
until they learn.

do your job
do your job
do your job



Re: education

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:37:08

In reply to Re: world war three, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:24:11

so in rhode island apparently the government took control of the schools from whoever was doing that before.

i suppose the main aim is to keep the public school sufficiently bad so that people will spend... i don't know... what percentage of your income is reasonable to spend on private school for your kids? on extra-curriculars?

anyway, about the public schools...

the main reason you go to school is to eat your lunch, right. so the kids get 1 square meal a day, at least. which they wouldn't have otherwise.

also to play with your friends -- right? so that you have friends of your age-cohort.

spending time away from your parents / family. speaking conversational english. ensuring the kids grow up speaking a little english. able to follow directives like 'line up for food' and 'sit down in your seats'.

that's the point of public schools.

and so... when Covid comes... it's important to keep the schools open. once you understand the primary function of schools. for the kids. for their benefit. once you understand the primary function of schools.

and the schools are saying 'our teachers are scared. they're scared at the best of times, but now they are really scared of getting sick'. and they are also saying teh teachers need to stay home because they are getting exposed and need to self quarantine etc.

and the state says 'it's okay we can train a teacher in... well, look, we do a police-check (and like hire all and only the pedophiles) and they're good to go, really, i mean how hard can it be to issue directives like 'line up for the lunch cue' and 'sit down and shut up'?)

and they say 'good jobs for good people'. and try and get the hospitality people into looking after other peoples children... otherewise... well otherwise i guess they can't afford to pay their rent and they'll end up... dying of exposure. i guess that's what happens in that part of the world. you light fires and live communally or you literally die of exposure.

but in cambridge massacheusetts they discovered that kids learned just fine at home. in fact... the kids could get a lot more work done without a commute... they could better focus on the work... and so on...

the thing, really, is in those poor schools... the kids who are really really smart... who don't get to learn anything because school is about lining up for the lunch cue. and because all the time is spent learning to placate the bullies (or not) and school is not about education. not for you. not for you. not for you.

the standardised tests become corrupted... the kids in the private schools *and how many times do we need to tell you and you still don't get it -- primarily becuase you aren't interested in this stuff. you aren't into academics...' and nobody nobody nobody at all is allowed to score better than them.

that's how NCEA got corrupted in nz. all the kids as salmond college were saying 'we all got excellent in everything we did for NCEA'. in fact... the system... is basically 'pass fail' as in you either get 'E' for excellent or you don't get credit / you get no credit.

i guess then it's about how many credits you get.

like AP courses.

if you go to a school where you are allowed to do AP classes whenever you want and you do as many of the classes as you can over the years...

we are only allowed little tiny books in new zealand. because the whole f*ck*ng tribe has to reach consensus that it's ready to be published or it doesn't get to be published at all. that's how come it takes 10 + years to complete 1 year of work.

i was marked in some way fairly early on in new zealand. as garbage or trash.

that has been the problem of my life. it was made clear to me early on that this kid and that kid (public school so that means the teachers kids) were the best and the brightest and they got all the credit and so on. so nobody else was allowed to do anything to detract / distract from that / them.


Re: holocaust

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:49:44

In reply to Re: education, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:37:08

i guess there are many different things you could say about the holocaut.

one of those things was that things were similar in germany and in the usa and in the uk as well.

that is to say the focus on eugenics.

we were told... at least i was told... that there was a perception that there was a decline in humanity. a decline in people. a decline in intelligence and morality and so on. and leaders were concerned about what to do in the face of this decline.

and one of the things they did that was supposed to help was breeding programmes. trying to get the very best people (as they saw them) to breed with the very best people. and that was supposed to be the point of scholarships to universities and the like. so the very best people could meet and choose to breed. and there were even financial incentives for people on certain lists of best people to marry other people on certain lists. something about keeping blood lines pure or whatever.

but i suppose really the above... it isn't a solution to the problem. it is itself the problem. because of the way in which they choose or select or process people with respect to whether they are on this list or not.

the main way they were doing it was heredity. the kids of the leaders were picked out as special and the very very best of the people.

only that's strange because of evidence we have about inter-breeding and recessive mutations being detrimental and so on...


but the real thing is that intelligence... even morality, i guess... these things aren't as heritable as you might think.

if they were heritable then why would the leaders need to invest so much energy and effort and resources into keeping other oppressed?

if maori really were intrinsically or naturally intellectually inferior to white people then why would we continually pump so much energy and effort and money into pickling them in alcohol, raising them in conditions of oxygen deprivation, keeping them in mouldy houses, teaching tehm to ram each other in the head repeatedly from young ages in teh name of 'national sport'... all that work that goes into trying to keep their brains from developing normally or naturally...

so that the kids of the elite appear to be the best.


because of this focus on hierarchy and running your way up one...

and not on fairer systems and distributing resources. sharing. fairness.


the problem was people 'flouting' -- we like to say. we like to say 'mmmmmmmm crispy fried tree elf smells like morally grey'. the problem is people breaking the rules. not following the rules. and so on for their own pesonal advantage.

those who are most... horrible to the immigrants... the illegals... often seem to be those who feel most justified in violating or breaking the rules to get their own offspring / progeny every advantage.

by natural ability and hard work.

yeah right.

what kinds of natural abilty? one might htink it would have something to do with the brains or talent or whatever to develop and implement fairer systems. systems worth working towards. and so on.

but noooooooooooooooooo. you go. you have all of the money and i see why. all the work you do ensuring the opporession of everyone you can get away with oppressing who is not-you.

for the good of the people. yeah, right.

f*ck*ng sure.


process teh application.
process the application.

process your kids application. process it properly. were they supposed to get an interview?


your doctors totally 'love' you.
totally working to 'help you'.

processing your application for treatment.


course they are.

following the process of providing competent treatment.

for sure.


Re: holocaust

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:09:37

In reply to Re: holocaust, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:49:44

and in new york the hardest hit neighbourhoods for Covid are neighborhoods of illegals. huddling in overcrowded households so as not to die of exposure they don't really stand a chance.

and the front line ER doctors are all 'get in there and have a go' gung ho and so people are immobilised and put in ventillators en masse. and so people die en masse. after being on a ventillator for however long. a decline a degeneration.

other people aren't allowed access to natural sunlight. the body needs sunlight to produce vitamin d. taking vitamin suppliments (e.g., orally) they aren't absorbed or readily usable by the body. the body needs a certain amount of sunlight to function. preventing people from having access to sunlight... we know what it does. it ruins the bones. osteoporosis. and ruining the bones... the bone marrow makes the immune cells. it destroys their immune system. immunosuppression. how do you think we produce or create so very very very very many immobilised old people in these age care institutions? one of the things we do is prevent access to sunlight. similarly the people kept in hospital or 'hospital' facilities.


why can't we get with the f*ck*ng programme...

doing things *properly* i mean to say. working for *good* rather than voluntarily choosing to work for evil / to work towards producing en masse conditions of deprivation and torture and the like because we are too f*ck*ng stupid to see how we are ruining things for everyone....

and the rich people receed out of the public eye. hide away. huddle away. and they need to as all hell breaks loose everywhere else.

the higher grade weapons more widely available on the streets.

now many states are moving to mass production / distribution of marajuana.

it's strange (funny ha) as a psychedelic... but it placates / soothes / quietens populations. people get violent on alcohol. people don't get violent on marajuana. more compliant.

that's the point.

just take all the stuff. just refuse to process my application. go on go ahead. i'm too stoned to care.

anaethetic for the masses.

so the VC of Otago was a psychology major. i'm sure she's a figure head person and i'm sure the really powerful people in Otago barely set foot on campus for (rightly) being afraid of being mobbed if people realised who they were or the things they had done etc...

Likely they live all huddled together out as 'Doctors Point'. That would make sense of why the Minister of Health broke quarantine to go out there for a meeting during our lockdown. Likely he was summoned. By the 'think tank' that has been responsible for keeping the majority of people in Dunedin inter-generationally kicked back and oppressed.

Responsible for failure to process the application.
Responsible for failure to supply applications.

All teh talks... SOmeone trained in psychology would know.

All the talks... From locak speakers. From visiting speakers, actually. Talks from people who were apparently funded by EU law scholarships.

About how they got ethics approval to wrongly accuse people of trivial crimes and say they were required to come with them. THey detained them unlawfully they refused to supply lawyers. They misinformed them about their rights...

THese were 'experiments' they performed on studnets.

Wow. Fascinating talk that.

And did any of the studnets or faculty members of the psychology department say boo? Say 'what ethics board approved that'? Did anybody say 'isn't there this thing about the miranda rights?'

They look in my direction:

And what are you going to do?
And what are you going to do?
And what are you giong to do about it?

Well... I'm not going ot try nad summon an angry mob because that would make me no better than you.

You need to not become a terrorist in your fight against terrorism.

Sort of the first rule of terorism fighting. Terrorism fighting 101, I think you would call it.

What I am going to do is I am not going to shut up.

New Zealand: THe nation who refuses to process the applications of it's people because it's prioritising or expediating titles and honors and money for people who are primarily concerned with opporessing people who have done... NOthing wrong.

I did everything they asked me to do (when they had no authority to ask me) and they did NONE of the things they were supposed to do.

There are no Universities in New Zealand.

There's nobody home.

There's nothing here.


Re: the judiciary??

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:24:56

In reply to Re: holocaust, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:09:37

do we have one??

where's the judgment?

is it designed to be too late for this year, too?

so another round of 'medical studnets' were hand-picked by psychopaths for the explicit purpose of being put to the salt-mines of documenting all the crimes against humanity we could perform on the unwitting new zealand public and on minorities, in particular, there's a special pool of money set aside to ensure that minorities, in particular, must always be oppressed, kicked down, held back, lacking in the most basic of resources needed to function, constant and repeated and persistent violation of their rights by the special chosen children of senior officials and their picked out marriage partners.

way to go, new zealand! developmentally, it's very WWII and it's fairly clear what side we're on...

so the kiddie kiddie 18 year old kids (always wanted to g*ng b*ng women and men alike with impunity!!) got sent their 'invitations' to enrol in Medicine... About when? about the day i'm in court while we are establishing (3 years later) that the University still refuses to calculate my GPA according to the algorithm they published precisely for the purpose of them being accountable to the new zealand public.

and what are you going to do about it?

what are you going to do about it -- judiciary?

i've let the ministers know. parliament. government. they know. they elect to do nothing.

i've let the executive know. the internal complaints process. the external complaints process. the new zealand vice chancellors committee aka universities new zealand refused to comment on / put it right that the universities of new zealand repeatedly reliably persistently routinely as a matter of course don't do any of the things they are supposed to do when it comes to processing applications to enrol, processing studnet work, processing completions, awareding qualifications to all and only people who have met requiremetns for them. the ombusdman sees no evil hears no evil doesn't see any evil spoken -- he doesn't think the executive is required to comply with the statues of the country in a country of parliamentary statute soverignty. wow. the executive. really working for the people. teh police refused to prosecute.

so there's the judiciary.

and then what...

i take the letter from the judge to supply to the minister so he can dis-establish the university. because we don't have the ability / desire to have a university. we have a bunch of empty buildings with empty labels on the door... to go with a bunch of empty faculty with empty job titles and with empty name tags... and there's just nobody home.

i don't understand why they don't get with the f*ck*ng programme and do their f*ck*ng job.

the problem is the same as it was in Germany with WWII... the whole eugenics thing. the problem was the refual to accept that...

Like Ratatouille...

'Not everyone can be a great chef... But a great chef can coem from anywhre'.

Where greatness is about making things fairer and improving things for mroe and more and more and more and more of us. A greater proportion of us...

And as soon as I say it I hear the vultures and the bats and the demons and the dementors screaming and squawking and the horrible horrible screaming of them as they pervert and distort.... As they say 'people breeding then more and more and more and more gamma babies that's exactlly what we were doing they're so happy being picked in alchohol they so love their drugs they love them they love them and it's only humane to let them go / to help them go when they no longer want to live...'

f*ck*ng psychopaths.


Re: the judiciary??

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:34:06

In reply to Re: the judiciary??, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:24:56

and the problem is that i have ideas.

and the problem is that they really rather enjoy having all the resources and inflicting the harms they are inflicting.

and they don't want to hear about the harms they are inflicting. and they don't want to see any evidence at all that the people are they harming are people who wouldn't do the same to them if they thoguht they could get away with it.

and they... close their minds.
they gouge out their eyes.
they may as well have.
there's none so blind as those who will not see.

and look at the lengths they went to ...

all teh things they did to me (or didn't do for me e.g., refusing to process my application).

and the more crimes they committed... the more crimes they committed... then they became quite committted to committing crimes. quite committed. very very committed indeed.

just worse and worse and worse and worse... really no end in sight to the crimes against humanity that they are willing to commit.

where's my offer of place in medicine?

i have been very very very very very very clear that i'm willing to do what i'm suppposed to do. i have a problem with you i tell you. you ignore me i go above you. they ignore me i go above them. i do everything i am supposed to do (if i am wrong i apologise and try genuinely to do better). if i don't do something and i'm told i need to do it i do my best to do it.

i see other people routinely reliably habitually WILLFULLY refusing to do any of the things. refusing to TRY. being all MAKE US. YOU CAN'T MAKE US. HAHAHAHAHHA. YOU CAN'T MAKE US.

I am better than them.

the significant majority of people in new zealand (and the world) are better than tehm.

they are the top 1 per cent of the f*ck*ng psychopaths.


f*ck*ng psychopaths.

that's what prisons were built for. them. people like them. it's not 'just white collar crime' at all it's the mastermind think tank behind the systematic repeated abuse of populations of people. yeah. i think people did talk about genocide. a governmetn attempt at genocide against the maaori people.

often you just look at who the governmetn endorses as 'leaders' and whether they governmetn is paying them to keep their own people oppressed or...

i am tired of people paying stupid.

f*ck*ng psychopaths.


Re: hospital aquisition

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:41:42

In reply to Re: the judiciary??, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:34:06

so they (the private university with the private hospital) decided to see about aquiring the public hospital.

i wrote in my thesis about how you need to look after the people if you expect them to comply. e.g., if you want them to donate blood or plasma and you want them to take their immunisations when (and only when) requested and the like...

then you need to give them quality A & E care and the like. a sort of a fairness or quid pro quo.

and i think what happened was they had a little think about the money they could make off of poor people, really, in teh name of a public hospital. placentas and plasma and so on... they are just there for the... taking. am i right? just there for teh taking.

how can you not make money off of a public hospital -- if you have some initial capital to invest in the things you need to process teh organ donations. uh, 'donations'. from the 'informed consents' you obtained. of course. sure. yeah. yeah right.

and the smart little kids who go to school to eat their lunch... those kids... are they allowed to stay home and distance learn? maybe they can do quite a lot of chemistry and phsyics if they don't have to be yelled at about lining up.

and maybe some of them aren't psychopathic. less likely to become psychopaths if you don't force them to school...

is it a genuine attempt to work towards fairer systems? i don't know. i don't know if they know. their first lot of vaccine goes to front line health workers... ER workers... those with best access to PPE. does it seem plausible? does it seem likely? WHen the CE Of the hospital (elderly) gets a first vaccine in the name of 'setting a good example' I suppose it tells me everything I need to know.

corruption... selfishness...

who knows what game is being played.. i guess the thing to do is let them play their war-games and hunker down for a while.

it's a thing that happens with there are, genuinely too many people.

what a shame we couldn't give people access to birth control (women and men both) so that every single conception was desired by both. even if only fleeting. desired by both. that would have prevented so much...

but people like the drama. yeah.


Re: hospital aquisition

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 19:09:09

In reply to Re: hospital aquisition, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:41:42

> is it a genuine attempt to work towards fairer systems? i don't know. i don't know if they know. their first lot of vaccine goes to front line health workers... ER workers... those with best access to PPE. does it seem plausible? does it seem likely? WHen the CE Of the hospital (elderly) gets a first vaccine in the name of 'setting a good example' I suppose it tells me everything I need to know.

i don't know. because it's a message / communication to their people and i don't know.

apparently around 60 per cent of new zealanders say they will take a vaccine once it becomes available to them.

with some 'heavy handed' roll out tactics (informed consent be damned) the government will easily have that up around 70 or 80, i'd imagine.

but in the usa it is only around 40 per cent who say they will take a vaccine when one becomes available to them.

in that climate (the usa climate) it does make sense (consdierably more sense) to have CEs and front line ER workers taking doses first so as to be good examples.

in our climate... it is hard to know.

if any country says they are going to start by vaccinating, for example, the people who are already immobilised in the aged care facilities... i don't think the public will like that very much. it will look too much like they are targeting the vulnerable for ill intent.

on the other hand if you parade too many young healthy go-getters or rich people then that sends the message that there isn't any equity. and it would encourage a country that has more tendancy with corruption in its supply chain to... uh... leak doses. to people who shouldn't be having them.

i guess there will be a record. name and batch number and date teh dose was given. maybe even you need to produce that before you can get your second dose. who knows... and the cold chain...

in nz they are likely to be stolen by people attempting to profiteer. they are more likely not to get to vulnerable people. i guess.

it's hard because these national level communications make sense nationally. communications to their people, yeah.

Trump supporters are scaring me. I think that is the right way to see that. The Trump avatar is a... construct... ideology? something... his supporters love him. vehimently. in a way that is becoming scary. for sure.

inequality. people breaking the rules for their own advantage and to try and unfairly advantage their kids because of some horrible system whereby they are afraid that if they don't get their kid unfairly scaffolded through they'll... i don't know. stay home and bludge off them forever. never achieve financial independence.

well what about me?

i'm over 40 now...

where's financial indepenence for me?
where's my f*ck*ng degree?

they refuse to acknowledge my transcript?

they've started changing it in their online records system?

what next?

my birth certificate? will they take that back too?

not give me a passport?

where is the f*ck*ng accountability.

it's not treason. i told you to your face. over and over and over and over and over were the opportunities for things to be put right.

so many opportunities you had to put things right. for a little fairness.


refusal to acknowledge
refusal to acknowledge
refusal to acknowledge.

not parliament
not the executive

go judiciary go


there's nothing here. nobody home. angry angry angry mob.

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