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Growing up all a lot of my relatives would fight

Posted by Happyflower on May 13, 2008, at 18:22:46

They thought their church was better than another's. Each one of my dad's siblings were either a preacher or married to one. All I remember is them fighting about who was going to Hell because their church is better. For some reason my dad didn't continue with his faith when he married my mom, they were drastically different religions. So every family reunion, it was a recruitment, of course my parents didn't go, but me and my brother were talked into going by relatives.
I have been to so many churches, especially as a musician, and I have learned to respect almost all churches. But the one's that were the hardest to respect were the one's claimed to be the "real church", the one's that put down the others, and the one's that say God will love you more if you give their church more money.

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