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Satan is evil ***trigger***Written by an idiot

Posted by muffled on September 3, 2006, at 23:25:09

Ya, so here i s how Satan operates.
This is a Satan joke:
What did Satan say to the cute baby?
Die you hideous thing?

"Do me"

So the thing is Evil exists.
I thing good must too.
Cuz I seen both.
So there IS both.
Good and evil.
Supreme good, and supreme evil.
They both exist in this world.
EVIL is alive.
But so is good.
I just wish the good wouldn't let the evil do bad sh*t like it does????
Thas what I don't get.
Thas what scares me lots and lots.
Cuz what if the good goes away?
Cuz the worlds SO bad?
We all got good in us.
We all got evil.
F*cking sucks.
Yea, f*ck....
whole new territory of stinking sh*t.
Thast what I think.
I so f*cking full of sh*t.

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