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It's dark outside...I guess it's goodnight again

Posted by Jai Narayan on August 13, 2004, at 21:37:10

"Through our senses the world appears. Through our reactions we create delusions. Without reactions the world becomes clear."
Jack Kornfield

Yesterday I went to the movie "Manchurian Candidate". It was a very dark and disturbing movie. Movies are illusions that can create very real emotions. I came away deeply upset about our world being filled with people who are greedy for money, power and control. From that point on I saw everything in a negative and unpleasant light.
This fear gripped me. Then I felt helpless to do anything about the world. I was in total reaction to the movie.

Today I am free to feel anything. I feel liberated from yesterday's feeling of fear that had captured my imagination.

I ask what is reality?
What's real?
It's the same world today.
I am the same person I was yesterday.
Or am I?
I now have that movie in my memory.
It's one more illusion for me to draw from.
How could I have applied Jack Kornfield's comment to my emotions?
What would the world look like if it were clear?


What is real?

Posted by rayww on August 15, 2004, at 12:59:22

In reply to It's dark outside...I guess it's goodnight again, posted by Jai Narayan on August 13, 2004, at 21:37:10

When you ask what is real do you mean what do I believe is real, or what is actually real?

Pure religion is real.
Freedom of worship is real
The Constitution of the United States is real.
God is real.

Perception distorts reality, but the correct lens can bring it all back into proper focus. I have always believed the safe corrective lens through which to view life is the lens of Jesus Christ. Even when you pause to think of Him the world aligns itself more purely.

What you experienced in viewing the movie was worldly fear only. You must elevate yourself out of the world in order to view what is real. Pure religion has always taught that the world will eventually be overcome by what is real. Why wait until that day to fully understand?

The world doesn't believe that real Prophets have ever walked the earth. The world has always tried to destroy the prophets, but their words have lived on. The world tried to destroy Christ, but three days later Christ ushered in the resurrection of the just. It was documented that the graves were opened and the spirit and body of the saints were restored.
The resurrection is real.

There are many times for the resurrection to take place, and all are real. How real you do not know. THere is a space between death and resurrection. How long that space you do not know, but the righteous will be resurrected before the wicked.

David's tomb remained after Christ issued in the resurrection because he disobeyed after he knew the law. His time will come, as others who willfully disobey.

Every person who has ever been born will be resurrected. That is real. Another reality is that if you sow corruption you cannot be restored to anything more. And if you sow righteousness you cannot be restored to anything less. That is real.

You might wonder how I can say pure religion is real, and freedom of worship is real. How can they both be real at the same time? Because agency is real. God's gift to mankind is agency. We may choose for ourself our eternal destiny. Our eternal destiny is real.
Everyone's is, and that is real.

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