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Posted by Lamdage22 on November 11, 2021, at 13:40:03

Do all of these cause tardive dyskinesia? How likely? I am trying to rejuvinate. Feel like my dopamine is shut down by neuroleptics way too much. The endorphin action of D-Phenylalanine is tempting.

Tyrosine is another one. Is it safer?


Re: L-,D-,DL-Phenylalanin

Posted by Christ_empowered on January 3, 2022, at 21:31:05

In reply to L-,D-,DL-Phenylalanin, posted by Lamdage22 on November 11, 2021, at 13:40:03

hi. I've read that those amino acids can exacerbate existing TD and that taking them with ongoing neuroleptic treatment may increase the risk of TD, both of which make sense to me...

but I don't have actual data or anything to base all that on, obviously. the exacerbation of tics makes sense because stress and stimulants have been observed to do that in people with TD. The increased risk for developing TD makes sense because the practice of mixing uppers with neuroleptics -- which, for whatever reason(s) seems to be way too common here in the US -- was apparently frowned upon for a time, in part because of the increased risk of TD.

other than that...??? what little I've skimmed over seems to indicate that the boost fades in ADD/ADHD people over the course of a couple of months. Some older data indicates a longer acting positive effect in depressives, but a lot of those people had been stabilized on low dose amphetamines.

I stopped messing with the stuff, personally. to each their own, but my own low moods seem to respond better to standard Orthomolecular, plus high dosage B6 on top. nothing fancy or even all that fast acting, but...helpful, for me.

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