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Effexor Maximum Dosage = 300-600 mg/day ?

Posted by SLS on December 31, 2022, at 17:19:18

Effexor - Maximum Dosage

In my estimation, it is tantamount to *malpractice* for a psychiatrist not to increase the dosage of Effexor to a minimum of 300 mg/day if it was tolerated at 225 mg/day - which is the "official" maximum recommended by Pfizer. Yet, Pfizer states in their monograph that there was insufficient evidence in their clinical trials that dosages at or above 300 mg/day demonstrated better therapeutic results than 225 mg/day. Obviously, Pfizer would have warned against the use of 300 mg/day if there were any major safety concerns. Besides, 600 mg/day was not considered unsafe in their trials. Drug companies always want to recommend as a maximum dosage one that does not produce significant side effects in the average person. The thing is, people on Psycho-Babble are not the average person. Some very aggressive doctors try dosages as high as 600 mg/day on their treatment-resistant patients.


Tolerability of high-dose venlafaxine in depressed patients


"Safety and efficacy of high dose of venlafaxine XL in treatment resistant major depression"


- Scott

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