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does concerta build up in your blood?

Posted by Farshad on February 15, 2018, at 18:42:35

since concerta effects last like 10 hours , will taking it everyday eventually reach a stable blood level of concerta in your body so then the effect lasts all day?


Re: does concerta build up in your blood?

Posted by Christ_empowered on February 16, 2018, at 16:35:54

In reply to does concerta build up in your blood?, posted by Farshad on February 15, 2018, at 18:42:35

no. concerta is one of the all day ritalin preparations on the market. once the concerta stops pumping out ritalin, your body starts clearing out whatever is left.

stimulants generally have short half lives, also. i think even the most sensitive drug scans won't detect most stimulants a couple days after they were last ingested ((could be wrong...)).

please be careful with psych drugs. concerta can be helpful for all kinds of indications, but it comes with definite risks, as well, such as drug induced mood problems, agitation, now and then psychosis. even with extended release stimulants, some people report a "crash" into dysphoria towards the end of the day. some people find that a mild sedative helps with this, other people do not.

hope this helps.

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