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Lou's request-eduphouryu

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 25, 2010, at 13:12:21

There are posts about me here that I would like for you to have more infomation about that IMHO you could have that knowlege to draw upon if you are considering posting here about the posts that have me as the subject.
You see, many of you already know that I am not against anyone taking drugs from their doctors, for what I am attempting to post here is education about mind-altering drugs. Some of this education may be unbeknownst to some and could IMHO mark the difference between a life and a death. But there is much more to this, for IMHO a living person could be in a state of death and that that state could effect others around them. And it has been revealed to me that this death-state has {a way out}.
Here is something that I would like for members here that are considering posting in regards to this thread or parallel threads that I would like for those to read and see. I will not know unless one tells me if or if not they read and see what I am requesting here.
To read and see;
A. pull up google
B. To read, type in;[The death of Marvin Gaye]
you will see the first one which is one of many that I would like for you to use.
C. To see the video;


Redirect: revelation

Posted by Dr. Bob on October 28, 2010, at 14:36:40

In reply to Lou's request-eduphouryu, posted by Lou Pilder on October 25, 2010, at 13:12:21

> it has been revealed to me that this death-state has {a way out}.

Sorry to interrupt, but I'd like to redirect this thread to Psycho-Babble Faith. Here's a link:

That'll be considered a new thread, so if you'd like to be notified by email of follow-ups to it, you'll need to request that there. Thanks,


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