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Thank you to ban me a week because I harmed people

Posted by sdb on May 11, 2005, at 6:11:15

Dear Robert Hsiung,

First, I do not live in the US and I do not want to import US prescription medication without a prespriction!
Second, I do not want to give data to persons in the US to do that. I know that this is in conflict with US law but rationally the ascertainment of guiltiness is anyway in questionable. I do not think you read some other posts making clear that I am not US citizen. But this is only an unimportant irrelevant fact. I am sorry that I started the thread "best opioids against social phobia“. If you think I could harm somebody ban me! Honestly, I <do not want> to harm every suffering individual, who could take something wrong. I feel connected and I would like to help every person who has similar problems than I have. I always would like to help the weak as long as they will be not too strong afterwards. I thank you to ban me with your old practical Perl Server program for one week. I am not angry. What is with our personal data we gave to you? –Is this data hopefully secured for eternity on your server?

Against organic pain problems many persons use opioids to combat pain and they feel very thankful to these substances. I have myself used opioids to treat repeating dry cough with success. It would be a bad idea to completely exclude these and other not common substances to treat mental disordered individuals. For example oripavine derivatives (Buprenorphine), atypicals (Tramadol), even underestimated non opioid alpha2-agonists (clonidine, guanfacine) or specific catecholamine modulatores. Do not falsely prevent alternative therapy options and please acknowledge this. When I worked in psychiatry department ethanol was by far the worst drug and not opioids. Interestingly according to some studies in my country, patients who stopped heroin withdrawal continued to live awful and most patients who continued heroin intake worked later after some state support in education, as business managers. Not all opioids, but some of these substances could be useful to combat mental disorder. Organic pain and mental pain is somehow connected if you study the effects on central nervous system of endogenous, natural and synthetical opioids. I am not mentally disordered most time, except during my hereditary bipolar tendencies in which panic, social avoidance and OCD can occur especially in springtime. As a young student I can prescribe myself but many substances are not available in my country and I logically try to get them somewhere else (for example Tranylcypromine, Phenelzine…) and that was the reason you banned me for a week. Please do not forbid to much mental disordered people to get relief from good alternative treatment options and do not misuse your power.

There are many FDA approved substances, above all SSRIS which can cause <severe> OCD and suicidal thoughts. Do not think only the FDA approved drugs are the "good" ones. The FDA even averts new proven secure innovations when they come in our country to stop entire export production and argue that you have the wrong computer chip for a new insulin pump. The FDA does often not help patients but sometimes harm them. But of course I know that medical doctors must be somehow secured by legal punishment. Too many substances are no more available. Drug makers do not produce them longer because of expiration of the patent. They produce "new" even less effective drugs. I know it because I have taken some older and newer ones myself. In medical school you learn a lot of theory and I beg you pardon a lot of nonsense. They postulate theories of complicated organic procedures but in vivo it does not function as they believe and they want to believe. Proofs for efficacy are at most only achieved in statistical research which is often controversial. Do not think drug makers want primarily cure people, there are too many examples I can numerate that a lot of money is the reason. It would be counterproductive in any case to ban alternative substances. Doctors should consider any further options. The medical doctor’s mission is not preventing human death in any case. In this instance he can only be a looser. Medical doctors as absolutely normal "human" primates with very often lower intelligence than other individuals should elevate human life quality and they should try to diminish somehow usual human suffering.

I like your forum because you can feel connected and you can share and obtain "applied" knowledge.
I am sure people speak more honestly in this forum as they do in hospital, when you ask them about the effect of a drug. Have you ever taken some substances yourself? –I suppose the answer will be none or no. I have more trust in somebody who has taken worse drugs ex. SSRIS him- or herself. Most of the psychiatrists I know does or did. The question if psychiatrists do help or harm people is legitimate.

Moreover it remains to be rationally discussed if this Internet forum is really an advantage for mental suffering individuals. It could lead to disinformation and a form of personal computer forming addiction behavioural. So far I personally have the sentiment that positive aspects prevail. This forum can be a form of self help because many psychiatrics are not or can not be capable enough. As a suggestion of improvement I would propose to mention some free costless self-help groups for different mental disorders in every state on your site. This could improve real communication and rehabilitation for some people and they will perhaps not run to the next doctor for the newest medication they have learnt from Dr. Bob’s Psycho-Babble. At last I would please you not to adapt too smart famous words of great philosophers “Nature's most excellent web sites? ... whatever does not kill them makes them stronger”. I do not know if Friedrich Nietzsche would have been pleased somebody changing his words in that sense or probably in any sense. Friedrich Nietzsche spent some nice days in the wonderful village Sils-Maria but overall as many philosophers he suffered mental disorder and his words stand for its own. Anyway Nietzsche is dead and nobody knows what is coming afterwards. I will never go to Canossa, so you can easefully delete this post, redirect to anywhrere and you can ban me for a second time for this. You have the power. Do not understand things too personally, it is better to think always rational. Sorry my poor English. I live in the country, where the benzodiazepines, the first chemical antidepressants and the first synthesized cobalamin originally come from.

Kind regards


Redirect: ban me a week

Posted by Dr. Bob on May 12, 2005, at 22:52:18

In reply to Thank you to ban me a week because I harmed people, posted by sdb on May 11, 2005, at 6:11:15

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