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What Ive learned about lexapro/SSRIs so far

Posted by robot on August 2, 2004, at 1:05:36

27 yr old male, been on Lexapro for 4 1/2 months now. Im feeling good enough to know that Im on some kind of road to recovery, thought Im not sure what that means, only that Im not at my destination yet.
I thought I would share my own experience. hopefully its useful for someone out there.


I had about 2 weeks of intense anxiety when I started lex (at 10 mg). Once that passed it was ok. early on, also, I began to wake up with a nice 'body buzz' which gave me this feeling of floating and sensational awareness of my body (like somthing one would achieve in yoga or meditation). This still happens pretty often, especially when I take Melatonin or 5-htp at night (see below).

Wasnt ever too bad, and pretty much went away after a month or so. It felt like it was mostly the body buzz I was getting that was so distracting it would keep me awake.
I began to take it in the morning to alleviate it. (Im not sure this is a great idea, because that insomnia period might be essential to getting effects from the drug. it shows that your nerve cells are soaking in seretonin, which is what they need to do so your body gets used to it. right? its just especially intense at night because seretonin levels naturally rise at sleeping times). But soon I noticed...

had returned, and it seemed to start after I took the lex and continue for 8 hours or so (this was probably after increased doseage to 20 mg). My solution was to start taking it at night--so Id be sleeping during this period.

In order to help myself sleep, Ive been taking 1 or 2 of over-the-counter melatonin (1 mg/pill) and/or 5-htp (50 mg/capsule, precursor to seretonin) pills with the lex at night.

This has worked pretty good for me. There ARE warnings that you shouldnt take 5-htp with SSRIs, but I have felt absolutely nothing dangerous. Apparently its possible to 'overdose' on seretonin, but I imagine this would take ALOT. Just be careful, and see what a low doseage does for you.(has anyone else been taking 5-htp with an SSRI?)

After about 2 months of lex, I began to feel GREAT (at least relatively). I began to enjoy my job again and I got a girlfriend. After 3 weeks, I started feeling the same blah as before--and for no apparent reason. Everything was going great with the girlfriend and everything else. Then it left and hasnt been back. (I have had bipolar-like symptoms in the past).

I really dont know how helpful this is. For about a month or so I was running 1 - 1.5 miles a few days a week. Doing it never seemed to make my day any better. I think there is a difference over time, but for me its not been noticeable. Really, though, they say that you will really make a difference by sustained cardio--which would mean 30 minutes or so, or running over 2 miles (that way you get your endorphins--thats how my therapist quit smoking). Thats my goal, and I would recommend anyone with depression to do it. Just running makes it feel better being in your body and its great to feel disciplined doing something positive--especially early in the morning when the new sun is coming up...


The few times I was able to orgasm when I first began treatment were pretty amazing--not much ejaculation, but a sustained intense orgasm that was worth the VERY HARD WORK at getting off. Then after the first week it became virtually impossible, and its been that way ever since. Even with a very willing and committed girlfriend. :-(

Im going to post another message called "Sexual Side effects, including overthecounter cures"


Re: What Ive learned about lexapro/SSRIs so far

Posted by ogopogo on August 29, 2004, at 13:09:23

In reply to What Ive learned about lexapro/SSRIs so far, posted by robot on August 2, 2004, at 1:05:36

Hi, I'm a 19 year old Male who is also taking 5-HTP with 10mg of Lexapro. I am not feeling any negative side-effects from the 5-HTP and am actually wondering whether or not some individuals have an impaired ability to convert Tryptophan to 5-HTP.

Why I would ponder this is only because since I have begun taking this medication, about 6-8 months now, I have felt more alive, less mentally cloudy and am finally feeling back to normal.

I don't think that it's safe for everyone to take 5-HTP with an SSRI; after all Grave's disease(overdose of Seratonin in the blood) can lead to heart attack, stroke, blood pressure issues and other such problems. I would just watch your eye pressure and if you begin to feel any substantial amount of pressure, or if your eyes are beginning to bulge a little; I would certainly discontinue.

But, the main thing to keep in mind is that no "real" studies have been done on 5-HTP and as such: take what the drug companies say at a grain of salt. We have to remember that by taking anti-depressants, we are customers.

The main thing is, you're feeling better. If it's working for you and making you feel alive again, just keep it up... with the exception of illegal drugs and Alcohol abuse of course :-).

Glad to hear you're also feeling better! Just remember to keep on smiling :-).

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