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caved in

Posted by fuji on May 30, 2004, at 11:57:21

Well I couldn't survive my washout period. I had two hideous temper tantrums where I felt so out of control it scared me and went back to my effexr which has always worked for me I just wanted more (if you know what I mean). I felt like I was about to get hysterical and my short fuse was frightening to me. Maybe I will try again at another time I don't know. I just can't afford to have such horrible moods and the headaches that's a whole other story. Meanwhile it had been almost a month before the hideous moods returned which answers the question for me about the restoration properties of ads. No way did I become fixed. I forgot how bad I get and can become.
fuji (who still wants to try an maoi sometime!!)

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