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Dealing without Effexor

Posted by Putford on April 22, 2004, at 17:17:58

I have been reading all the posts for a few weeks now while getting off Effexor. I think that after three weeks of struggle,I feel free. Like some people say,we start to revert to our old ways. personally, I hated the effects of being on an AD. Things were not real.Everything was almost perfect. I have told people I know to let me know when I start being annoying,and up till now ,my friends have been very understanding and helpfull.I wish that I had tried that before.Sure times are tough,but at least I feel.I enjoy the criticism and I discuss my fears with my wife. I hope I can live without AD's,it's nice to "smell the roses". I have been seriously thinking of starting a discussion group in my area .If it works out,I'll let you know. Thanks for your help.


Re: Dealing without Effexor

Posted by sideorder on April 23, 2004, at 9:09:11

In reply to Dealing without Effexor, posted by Putford on April 22, 2004, at 17:17:58

Putford--- just read your post. If you don't mind, read my new post "Having to Stop Lexapro:(-Sugg. for Alt. Meds". Posted it today 4/23. Lexapro did me allot of good, but I've suffered bad gastrological side effects. Now, I'm thinking of going on something else (was considering effexor or wellbutrin)...but after reading your post it's made me think that maybe you're right. Sure my life has been great on Lex and I'm thinking this is the way I SHOULD feel in life (while on the Lex)...but maybe it isn't real and being my somewhat anxious, neurotic, manic self is how it's suppose to be...but, not falling into depressive bouts has been nice. But, as mentioned before maybe it's NOT real walking around being alleviated of all of our quirks and imperfections as human beings. Of course, if someone is suicidal or completely unable to function in life---they need to be on Meds and shouldn't stop taking them. I'm tettering back and forth on whether I should stay on the "med train" or get off of it....maybe a discussion group would be a good idea.

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