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lexapro withdrawal

Posted by mikepeep on February 11, 2004, at 18:38:00

I see other people having problems when going off other meds. I took 20mg lexapro for about a year. I had no longterm side affects and the doctor told me I could go off. I was diagnosed with depression but nothing major. I tappered off to 10 mg for about 6 weeks. After the 4th week the wierd symptons started. Its not all the time though. I get dizzy, light headed, some naseau, and that spacy feeling but no agitation or angry feelings. Took it down to 5 mgs for about a week and have been off for about 2 weeks now. Will this end or should I call the doctor back. I dont feel depressed and have no trouble sleeping. Thanks for all replys


Re: lexapro withdrawal

Posted by KathrynLex on February 11, 2004, at 18:44:35

In reply to lexapro withdrawal, posted by mikepeep on February 11, 2004, at 18:38:00

Hi Mike,

I'm just starting on lexapro, but someone in my office recently stopped taking it and has gone through many of the withdrawl symptoms you are describing. (It's interesting, a lot of the withdrawl symptoms sound like the side effects people experience when they first start taking Lexapro.)

Anyway, the man in my office who just stopped taking Lexapro felt "off" for about 2 weeks. You'll probably feel better soon. Call your doctor if the withdrawl symptoms become too uncomfortable. It's great that you haven't been feeling anxious, aggitated or depressed. Maybe you're cured! It gives me hope. Best Wishes.


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