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Electroconvulsive Therapy

Posted by Turtle Mitch on October 23, 2003, at 8:54:36

My p-doc is recommending that I undergo ECT. Has anyone ever had this done? If so, what are the side effects, benefits, etc? Thanks.


Re: Electroconvulsive Therapy

Posted by MamaB on October 23, 2003, at 11:39:51

In reply to Electroconvulsive Therapy, posted by Turtle Mitch on October 23, 2003, at 8:54:36

check out this site. It is British, but the proceedure is the same as we do.Anesthesia is administered by a trained Nurse Anesthetist.

I have never had the proceedure, but been on the other end for a number of years. Would I have it myself? Most likely, if meds no longer did the trick. MamaB


Re: Electroconvulsive Therapy

Posted by nickm on October 23, 2003, at 21:19:30

In reply to Electroconvulsive Therapy, posted by Turtle Mitch on October 23, 2003, at 8:54:36

My wife just had five. Was unable to complete the 5th. She had akathisia, and EPS caused by neuroleptics, and the ECT doctor failed to diagnose those conditions, which were really the cause of her being terrified. The doctor coaxed her, and used fear tactics - so obvious that it is frightening to think any such doctors are out there practicing medicine or psychiatry or psychopharmacology.

Please, get a second opinion with a really trusted psychiatrist. Here in Miami there is a clinic at the U of M for diagnosing akathisia, and EPS. Had I known it existed, or had the ECT doctor made the proper diagnosis, we would have gone for treatment of EPS and akathisia first, then seen if the ECTs were viable.

Make sure the doctor explains unipolar vs bipolar. With the latter, you might have more memory loss. Also, ECTs may be a problem if you already have heart problems or other physical problems.

Make sure you don't have physical, organic problems before you take the ECTs. Make sure your health is great.

My wife had lost thirty pounds before she had hers, and they had to stop at number five. They did not work. They often do not, in spite of claims to the contrary.

Be aware that the current, applied over a count of about two seconds, will convulse your brain, stop it, for about thirty seconds to a minute!!!!

They burn your brain cells. The cells take time to heal.

My wife has had some long term memory losses, and did not recover well after each treatment. Today, a little over a month after the last ECT, she's still confused.

Think it carefully, demand answers from your doctor, and make sure you read the APA, NMHI, and Mayo Clinic reports on Consent Forms, Side Effects, Follow up tests for cognitive impairment afterwards.

Understand this: They will continue you giving you antidepressants and perhaps neuroleptics, and thorazine, and God knows what else. In six months they probably will want to give you follow up ECTs, and then monthly maintenance treatments for I don't know how long.

The ECTs will not get you away from A.D. and other drugs.

This doctor that this to my wife shouldn't be practicing anything except repair of inner tubes in Sing Sing.


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