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I thought I was getting better?? pork chop

Posted by Dr. Bob on April 3, 2003, at 20:04:14

[Posted by pork chop on April 3, 2003, at 15:20:48]

> I was doing great on my 200 mg Lamictal and 50 mg Seroquel until last week. I started cycling big time and I'm unable to be cordial with anyone. I finally have myself a little boyfriend and it seems this relationship's going down in flames like all others. I'm uninterested in him, I'm picking fights, I'm irritable, I hate my job, I definitely hate my boss, and I can't stand my family.
> I'm so sick of being in the situation I'm in. I feel stuck at work, I'm supposed to be finishing a thesis for grad school and I just can't take it. I do have happy, laughing, light spots throughout the day, but they never last. I'm so frustrated. What the hell?!
> I called my pdoc and she increased my Lamictal to 300 mg and told me to up the Seroquel to 100 mg if possible. I usually can't function until noon the next day on 100 mg. Anyway, this whole "episode" came out of nowhere. Could this be massive PMS or am I just going nuts? Oh yes, I forgot to mention the shopping spree(s)...
> Sorry to be a downer. Anyone have similar experiences?


Re: I thought I was getting better?? pork chop

Posted by fluffy on April 4, 2003, at 13:47:44

In reply to I thought I was getting better?? pork chop, posted by Dr. Bob on April 3, 2003, at 20:04:14

I just wrote a long, heartfelt letter to you, and I think I didn't post it correctly!!!! POOOP!!

I'm going to try to recreate it...

Dear Porkchop-

Boy do I ever know what you are going through. I have also gotten into some trouble with a capital "T" this past week. I've been argumentative, talkative (too much), spending money, can't sleep. I'm totally worried that my (also new) boyfriend will get tired of me and throw me to the curb. He seems to be understanding, BUT everyone has their limits, ya know?

I think that doctors don't tell their patients enough, that even though meds make things better, sometimes you still have "episodes". I thought that when I started them that POOF! all my simptoms would magically disappear. Wouldn't that be nice? After having a couple of friends blessed with the same brain chemistry, I can tell you that it doesn't work that way.

Have you ever read "An Unquiet Mind"? I found it to be an extremely useful/honest book. It was surprising to me that even though Kay Jamison is on Lithium, she still has mild episodes of mania and depression. As surprising as it was to me, I also found it to be comforting, because it was HONEST!

I try to take comfort in the fact that even though I'm on meds, I may still be mercurial. Some people call it "passionate". I am lucky enough to have friends that put up with it, and maybe even like it. My boyfriend said to me one time, "did you ever think that maybe I need you to feel normal?" First, I was thinking--what? that's even sicker than me! But an example of how BP folks are probably harder on themselves than others.

Give yourself a break! Do what you can do, and try upping your meds if it helps. I like to pretend I'm surfing a wave when I feel like I'm cycling. It sucks, but it always comes back around to more "normal" moods.
Hang in there!! Keep in touch!



Re: double double quotes fluffy

Posted by Dr. Bob on April 4, 2003, at 19:45:58

In reply to Re: I thought I was getting better?? pork chop, posted by fluffy on April 4, 2003, at 13:47:44

> Have you ever read "An Unquiet Mind"?

I'd just like to plug the double double quotes feature at this site:

The first time anyone refers to a book without using this option, I post this to try to make sure he or she at least knows about it. It's just an option, though, and doesn't *have* to be used. If people *choose* not to use it, I'd be interested why not, but I'd like that redirected to Psycho-Babble Administration:



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