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Novel pill packaging

Posted by utopizen on September 27, 2002, at 19:22:42

Anyone else like how Effexor makes their pill capsules so slick-like? And if you shake the pill, it makes a cool sound.

I also like the color of Adderall 10mg, but hate the pink color of Adderall 20. What, they think only girls need that much Adderall? What's that, pharma-sexism?

And Neurontin, they've got this 800mg pill, it's huge. My friends laughed when they saw it (of course, they're all high). I wonder what my esophagus thinks of me when I force the thing down my throat.

Okay, and what's up with Klonopin? You take .5 mg and the stuff makes your whole personality change into this chill yet non-talkative person. Not cool, but it's incredible how they do that in such a small dose.

And why does Parke-Davis make my 400mg Neurontin, but Pfizer makes my 800mg Neurontin? And didn't Warner Lambert originally make it, but Warner Lambert and Parke Davis and Pfizer became Viagra? Or something like that...

Anyway, I'm getting tired of my current pills. They're boring me. I just switched from Rit to Dex, which is cool, minus the billion beats per second my heart goes on it, it gives me a calm feeling. Anyone know of a pill I can get prescribed with a cool looking color?



Re: neat trick

Posted by madison88 on September 28, 2002, at 20:53:53

In reply to Novel pill packaging, posted by utopizen on September 27, 2002, at 19:22:42

I liked remeron sol tabs. they dissolve in your mouth and taste like tart oranges. My doc was all excited about them, and said he loved the taste. then he saw the look on my face and explained that the pharm sent him some w/out the meds in them. i had to laugh.


Re: neat trick

Posted by Tab▀itha on September 29, 2002, at 2:56:47

In reply to Re: neat trick, posted by madison88 on September 28, 2002, at 20:53:53

That does sound yummy. You'd think with all the competition among drug companies there would be some options. Colors, flavors, pretty designs. A cuteness factor. Those dang pharmaceutical companies really ought to try harder. If they can't get rid of the side effects, at least they could make the pills more aesthetically pleasing.

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