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Tranxene in Morning

Posted by gloryb on August 25, 2002, at 17:19:08


This is my second tranxene question, unfortunately.
My doc increased my dose. I was taking 7.5mg
at night for extra help with seizures. When
I had a lot of trouble with medication (and
some anxiety over it) he added another half
pill in the morning. At first it relieved the
symptoms, but now I almost think I'm getting the
opposite effect.

I find I'm waking up at night feeling nervous
and waking up this way in the morning. The
tranxene is making no difference. I do take
other medications for seizures, so I feel very
sleepy from the entire combination!

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.


More information

Posted by gloryb on August 27, 2002, at 11:18:00

In reply to Tranxene in Morning, posted by gloryb on August 25, 2002, at 17:19:08

Just in case anyone does find this topic
of use I thought I'd follow-up. I got disgusted
and stopped the morning tranxene. What a
difference!!! Obviously this one is good
at night and zaps you in the morning. Especially
if you are taking other meds that have a
"downing" effect.

So if anyone is taking this and is finding their
days anxious rather than calm and feel like
cotton is in their head, this could be the problem.
Oh, I do love the med! It's great for some seizure
problems and when you are going through a lot
of anxiety it's very helpful! But when the anxiety
is over it is depressing, and we know that there
is a very fine line between depression and anxiety!

I'm happily going back to my 7.5mg at bedtime and
having happier days! Let's just hope the success

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