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weed and meds

Posted by James on June 5, 2002, at 21:11:14

I know that there has already been many previous posts about the possible dangers of smoking weed and other meds, but I will brazenly press on, and inquire if anyone has any info regarding the3 dangers of the combo of weed and stimulents (prescribed for ADD, not depression) and I guess also mood stabilizers/atypical neuraleptics/GABA stuff specifically;

Concerta -- 108 mgs a day

Lamictal 250 mgs a day

Gabitril -- 4 mgs a night


PS: not urgent at all. I'll be puffing at 10:30 pm tonight, Eastern Time, tune in for results at about 12:00 or so if you would like to hear a guy struggling with bipolar I and ADD--and currently revving up into mania I might add--performing an experiment on himself. All for the sake of science. Altruistic, aint it.


Re: weed and meds James

Posted by Zo on June 5, 2002, at 22:46:12

In reply to weed and meds, posted by James on June 5, 2002, at 21:11:14

Why? Does it feel dangerous to you? Toxic? I assume dope brings you benefits you're not seeing with the Rxed meds alone. . . Hey, if smoking dope were *truly* toxic, there would be a hell of a lot of people about age fifty falling down.

Just the 2 cents of A First Generation Hippie.
Not that I've smoked much since, it's too "shotgun" for my brain. . .but an awful lot of people have, and do. . .

The most dangerous side effect I knew of was weight gain from the brownies.

; Zo


Re: weed and meds

Posted by skills on June 6, 2002, at 8:47:44

In reply to Re: weed and meds James, posted by Zo on June 5, 2002, at 22:46:12

Most combinations of drugs with cannabis are not a problem. However caution should be taken when combining cannabis and drugs that act on the CNS. Adverse effects can range from tachi-cardia, vomiting to confusion and hallucinations. Potentially fatal increases in blood plasma concerntrations some antidepressant metabolities have also been noted when cannabis has been smoked by the patient on the CNS drugs. Only recently 16 year old boy was found dead. Originally it was thought he had taken an overdose of his prescribed medication. However it was later noted that he did not own enough of this particular AD to have caused his death. It was later found that he had been smoking cannabis and this caused a fatal build up the AD metabolites in his blood. I kid you not.


Hi James, Be cool, bro...

Posted by doovie on June 6, 2002, at 9:26:41

In reply to Re: weed and meds, posted by skills on June 6, 2002, at 8:47:44

I really love weed. It's just perfect for everything, but I had to quit 4 months ago cold turkey (the reason I'll say later).

Here is my story: Briefly, from weed I went to shrooms, and from that I went to DXM (dextramethorphan). I was doing more than I should have and it nearly cost me my marriage, my kids and my standing in the community.

I was only wanting to get out of this world, which to me is a prison, and always has been ever since I was a little boy. God put us all here to do what growing we have to to and to make the repairs we need to make, but it's really hard.

This world can be a painful place to be, especially after 9/11. What a planet, eh? It's not the "Brady-Bunch-era" when I grew up, that's for sure. I'm 40.

Just please, be very careful. Drugs are great when they work and when you can be very private with them. But when it gets out in the public, it's a big, stupid mess, unfortunately due to missunderstandings on the part of the law-making community, but that factor is also part of the world, so we must live in that reality.

What a strange planet this is now. I don't blame anyone for wanting to escape. And the medical corporations that make the drugs that *are* legal are part of the planetary machine that drives us all crazy and creates all the tensions to begin with. (grumble)

Personally I'm working on strengthening my God-connection, which was the reason I left all illegal drugs cold turkey 4 months ago -- I don't suggest it for you, simply that was my solution.

Weed does have a strong "imaginitive" aspect to it, and I was imagining all kinds of things that were not necessarily true. When I arrived at shrooms my imaginitive illusions grew even stronger and DXM further fortified my imaginations to the point that I'd have to say I was actually out of my mind -- and not in a good way. I'm disappointed it all happened, but based on my disappointment with this world and with my self in general, I'm not sure I could have survived all these years without some illicit drugs.

When I read the postings and see all the side effects from all the drugs, I think it's a pity that people can't have access to grass. It's just so good for so many ailments. And it's really a pity that lawmakers decided to made a plant illegal. A plant that God put on the earth. I mean, come on folks: Cannabis did NOT suddenly appear on this earth in 1968. It must have been in the Garden of Eden like the rest of the greenery on the planet. But that's for a different discussion.

Okay, that's my story.
Take care, and try launching a prayer once in a while -- to The One God, and not to anyone else.


Re: Hi James, Be cool, bro...

Posted by James on June 6, 2002, at 15:56:02

In reply to Hi James, Be cool, bro..., posted by doovie on June 6, 2002, at 9:26:41

thanks all who replied. It was definately an interesting experience, though I'm not so sure I would recommend it. It did reveal however some interesting results which served mostly to confirm my growing suspicions about the efficacy of the Concerta for my ADHD. I started a trial of Conerta after being forced to quit Adderall a couple of months ago. Before the Adderall I had been taking Ritalin for about 3 years. However, when I started the Concerta last month I had a lot of difficulty describing the how it felt. I had a sneaking suspicion that I was taking too much, as I felt very sedated, cognitively impaired, and very "weird" to use the technical term. So my experiment was to try the weed (for the first time in five years and compare its effects to howI felt on the Concerta. I hypothesized that since symptoms of too much stimulents (i.e. tingly, over-sensitivity to sorroundings, time distortion, lethargy) were somewhat similar to the effects of weed (at least sometimes), it would enable me to identify if I was taking too much Concerta if it felt very similar. Of course, I foolishly forgot not to take the concerta, and thus experienced the weed and the concerta at the same time. Kind of hard to seperate out the effects, right. Despite that confound, I stopped the concerta today, and picked up Focalin. Anybody know what the heck it is?

Well, that is a crude summary of my motivation for my recent self-experiment.



Re: weed and meds

Posted by Elizabeth on June 7, 2002, at 2:21:09

In reply to weed and meds, posted by James on June 5, 2002, at 21:11:14

Except for a few pharmacokinetic interactions, I doubt there are any specific interactions between weed and other drugs. The pharmacokinetic stuff would probably not be a serious issue except with tricyclics and some of the old anticonvulsants.

On another note, I'm glad (if surprised) to see that you didn't get assailed by judgmental flames. I just skimmed through some recent threads and saw a lot of fighting and name-calling (the "illegal drugs" thread, somebody going off in a huff because not everyone agrees with her, etc.). I thought that PB folks were more mature than that, but I guess there are always new people coming along who aren't familiar with the scene here. Very poor netiquette, IMO; makes a good case for lurking a while before you post!


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