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Decrease in Paxil script

Posted by k9lover on May 23, 2002, at 13:58:16

My pdoc is on vacation, I forgot I was out of paxil and her office will only prescribe 60mg instead of my usual dose (80mg). Anyone had any trouble with lowering their dose while still needing it at full strength - I'm less concerned about mood and more worried about physiological effects.


Jan - too tired to continue to fight the office on this


Re: Decrease in Paxil script k9lover

Posted by Rathrbfishn on May 23, 2002, at 18:54:06

In reply to Decrease in Paxil script, posted by k9lover on May 23, 2002, at 13:58:16

Well that's utterly ridiculous. How hard would it be for the office to pull your chart and see what dosage your taking. In lieu of getting the 80mg dosage, have them call in the 60mg dosage and just approximate a third of another 60mg pill, cut it with a pill cutter or razor blade and add it to a full 60mg pill to get the 80 mgs strength you need.

Then when you do see your doc after returning from vacation express your frustration and dissapointment with your docs staff.

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