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Marijuana is not marijuana

Posted by MichaelD on February 21, 2002, at 9:00:16

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THC - is clinically safe. CBD - unsafe?

Marinol - the synthetic form of THC - has been subject to numerous clinical tests, and all patients reported no bad effects. It is legally used in the US as a prescription drug. Marijuana however, containing THC and other cannaboids, eg - CBD, has been tested with some suggestion that heavy marijuana use can lead to longterm paranoia, depression and increased anxiety. This was reported in some patients and not others.

CBD and CBN are responsible for the more indica, narcotic, calm highs; so it makes sense that when it leaves the blood you gain the opposite effect - higher anxiety - perhaps leading to paranoia.

I myself used to smoke a lot of heavy indica and have been in mental hospital for paranoid social phobia and depression. Since then I have only smoked sativa. Pure equatorial sativas such as thai contain tiny proportions of CBD and high THC. The result is an energetic, motivational, happy, talkative high. I much prefer it to the confusing tired smoking indica.

I am tempted to believe that indicas are bad for mental health in those sensitive to anxiety, like myself. Sativa is the way the truth and the life

Happy sativa smoking!


>Can I copy your post to a mental-ilness medication list?

Michael, sure you can copy it. I'm a lot happier since I've just smoked sativa, far better than the sleepy bud I used to smoke.

Michael D

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