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xanax the day after irritable/twitchy

Posted by terra miller on October 20, 2001, at 21:08:35

hi all,

been away for a bit. have a question: what's up with this and is this typical xanax stuff???

i take .5mg xanax when basically i just can't control my breathing when in panic. (i often can now get through panic stuff without meds if i pay attention, but sometimes it's too tough.) it works really well and i'm extremely thankful for that.

here's the problem: i've got these ticks now (eyes, corner of mouth) which make me embarassed, which makes them worse, etc. is this 1) xanax, or 2) i am just trying to shove too much emotional stuff and it's just scooting out of the cracks anyway... or what? this was not an issue before. it's totally embarrassing.

i'm also having trouble with the PTSD... just cannot process any jumpy movements or noise. this is worse than usual. far worse, actually. is this also from the xanax? i only take it once a week about.



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