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have I grown immune to ssri's?

Posted by raegp on October 6, 2001, at 20:38:58

Hi, I've taken Paxil in the past and now I decided to try ssri's again because of my social phobia and persistent anxiety. A few months ago I was going to start celexa but the first day I took the 20 mg pill I knew something was really wrong. I snapped at my parents all day, I couldn't stay at home, I was super paranoid that people in my town were watching me at all times. I felt like people were conspiring against me. My face was super red all day and I was panicky most of the day. A week ago I tried prozac and the same thing happened to me. I got super paranoid of everything and snapped at my parents again. I've ccome to a conclusion that the last ssri I took for a year (paxil) gave me brain damage. Ever since I took paxil I haven't felt the same . I have no emotions and I feel really off 24/7. Any suggestions on what I should do?


Re: have I grown immune to ssri's? raegp

Posted by SalArmy4me on October 7, 2001, at 0:34:17

In reply to have I grown immune to ssri's? , posted by raegp on October 6, 2001, at 20:38:58

Try buproprion or venlafaxine.

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