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Re: Did Celexa sap your energy? allisonm (repost)

Posted by sundog on February 3, 2001, at 9:32:52

Hello Allison (or anyone else),

Celexa update:

I've just finished the first week at 20 mg (after one week at 10), and will go at least
another week at that level. I had a pretty rough four days or so after the dose
increase: really sluggish and tired, couldn't concentrate or think clearly, major
procrastination on serious things. (These were problems before Celexa, so that wasn't
a change, just exacerbation.) I called in sick Monday and Tuesday and just laid
around and dozed most of the time (though I did manage to get myself to yoga class
on Sunday). No problems sleeping, day or night. Wednesday I went back in to work,
mostly because staying away another day would have created more problems than I
felt like dealing with, and I felt better that day and Thursday. Of course I wonder
whether that was due to the med or the fact that I got out of the house and did
something I'd been avoiding, and interacted with other human beings. Friday was kind
of up and down, and today so far I feel OK, by which I mean what feels like about
base level before Celexa. I'm not sure I perceive any AD effect yet, but at least I
seem to be tolerating it now, so I'm mildly optimistic.

How is it going for you? Have the tiredness and insomnia changed at all?


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