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Poll Results: Treatment resistant symptoms

Posted by Noa on November 1, 2000, at 9:34:52

Thank you to all who responded to the poll at psycho-babble-tips, which was open from 10/27-11/1.

Here are the results:

Of all of my symptoms, the one that seems least responsive to treatment is (choose one):

There were 15 respondents.

Choices: #Votes:

depressed mood 2

disorganization 2

fatigue 2

inability to concentrate 2

lack of interest or pleasure 2

anxiety in general 1

feelings of hopelessness 1

forgetfulness 1

hearing voices 1

indecisiveness 1

agitation 0

angry feelings/rage 0

anxiety about social situations 0

bizarre thoughts 0

compulsions 0

disorganized thinking 0

dissociation 0

hypomanic moods 0

impulsivity 0

irritability 0

mania 0

nightmares 0

obsessions 0

specific fears 0

worrying 0

comment: I realized after creating the poll that I should have included at least one item on panic symptoms.

To view the results with percentages, see:


Re: Poll Results: Treatment resistant symptoms

Posted by danf on November 1, 2000, at 10:24:54

In reply to Poll Results: Treatment resistant symptoms, posted by Noa on November 1, 2000, at 9:34:52


I missed the poll, but have a few comments

I looked at the choices & noted that psychotic symptoms as well as none psychotic symptoms were mixed together.

I am sure that there will be disagreement, but I do not think this is valid.

I do not think these are the same mental entities & response to treatment can not be compared in a valid way.

I don't even think that young ( teens to early 20's) onset of anxiety /depression is the same disease as later onset fo the same. The younger people seem to be much more resistant to effective treatment.

Psychotic vrs none psychotic also seems to be much more involved than comparing a few of the common symptoms.

This is not to be critical ( as I know it probably comes across ), but to say that it is very hard to compare apples & oranges & find anything except apples are apples & oranges are oranges.


Re: Poll Results: Treatment resistant symptoms

Posted by Noa on November 1, 2000, at 16:08:17

In reply to Re: Poll Results: Treatment resistant symptoms, posted by danf on November 1, 2000, at 10:24:54

Danf, thanks for the comments. I never had any illusions that the poll is scientifically valid (To paraphrase, "How art thou invalid, let me count the ways..."), or anything but what it is--an informal survey to stimulate discussion--so your comments are welcome.

I guess I wasn't too worried about mixing psychotic and non-psychotic symptoms, etc. because of the lack of formality of the poll and because it is essentially a poll of respondents' own *perceptions* of what symptoms are most resistent to treatment. I also left "treatment" undefined--leaving it up to the respondent to interpret what "treatment" means (medical, psychological, herbal, etc.) And, there is no way to compare how much treatment has been tried before the respondent deems a symptom "resistent". I left all of that up to the respondents, and was going after their perceptions, rather than any kind of measurable phenomenon.

Also, another way this could have been done would be to allow respondents to choose as many of the choices as they want, but I decided it would be interesting to have it be a forced choice.

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