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zoloft alternatives -- it makes me wired

Posted by Beth on March 14, 2000, at 11:56:17

i took zoloft for four years and then i noticed that it was making me really hyper and i was having difficulty paying attention at work etc. i stopped taking it and took nothing for about 6 months. i was alright, but in retrospect not the person i can be when on an antidepressent (i have social anxiety, panic disorder, lack confidence and get depressed when not on meds). i went back on zoloft a couple months ago because i was very depressed over a specific event. i feel a hell of a lot better and can now see some hope etc, but i am really hyper again. i only take 50mg. and 25 is not enough to combat the depression etc. my doctor suggested trying serzone, but i'm wondering what the difference between say, zoloft and paxil is. does anyone have any light to shed on this? i would rather stick with the same family of drugs as i know they work, but i wonder if maybe paxil might make me less hyper.


Re: zoloft alternatives -- it makes me wired

Posted by THOMAS on March 14, 2000, at 17:05:47

In reply to zoloft alternatives -- it makes me wired, posted by Beth on March 14, 2000, at 11:56:17

Hi beth!i have been on zoloft,remeron,paxil and now on effexor xr and i must say that if you feel hyper, anxious and so on,effexor xr(for me and the most people, according to clinical studies)is the thing for you .Discuss this with your doc.Good luck!

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