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Tryin' to keep things alive...

Posted by Shar on July 25, 2006, at 23:47:55

Just don't want this board to disappear...I'm still here. Even got a job doing surveys in the evenings, and hope it's gonna help. They are political and social surveys, not selling (which I am horrible at!). But $$ is $$. Did not lose the house, but still WAY behind on bills. So much stress. No appetite, not eating, body not doing so well without food.

Hoping everybody is well,


Hey Shar...

Posted by allisonm on August 6, 2006, at 20:15:21

In reply to Tryin' to keep things alive..., posted by Shar on July 25, 2006, at 23:47:55

Just checking in to say "HI" and wondering how things are with you.

I am OK. My bf may be striking it rich soon because he owns land under which a bunch of natural gas has been found/drilled/pumped. It will be interesting to see what he is like once he has monies.

Work is long and hard, but summer is on the way out, which is good. I have to work with people a lot and I am not a people person, so it can be trying. Other times it feels good and OK and even fun.

I went to a quick family reunion this week with folks I've never met -- descendants of my great-grandmother's youngest sister (born 15 years apart). Also toured my mother's house -- the family homestead -- which has been totally redone. It was my first time in the house since I sold it. I was dreading it. Even sobbing myself to sleep at night worrying about having to go and see it. But then on THE DAY, everything was easy and fine and I didn't freak out at all. I'm even glad that I went.

My cats are my best friends, still. They are always happy to see me when I get home and they follow me around the house.

Let me know how you are.



Re: Hey Shar... allisonm

Posted by Shar on August 18, 2006, at 1:08:27

In reply to Hey Shar..., posted by allisonm on August 6, 2006, at 20:15:21

I'm thrilled to hear you survived it all--and even surpassed survival at moments! Congrats!

I'm not so good, but it means a lot to me that somebody here cares. Thanks so much!


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