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anti-depressents in the fifties

Posted by sammy on October 21, 1998, at 22:34:02

dear dr. bob. i need sum info on certain anti depressents the housewives used in the fifties


Re: depressents

Posted by saintjames on February 8, 1999, at 22:40:45

In reply to Re: depressents, posted by Anthony Fernandez on February 8, 1999, at 15:21:39

> > dear dr. bob. i need sum info on certain depressents for my school report.

I hope they teach you about primary and secondary
resources ! Why not use the internet ( where you would get primary sources) as a posting to an internet list would be a secondary source.

Early 50's.... Iproniazid ( a TB drug)
1957 ........ imipramine (Tofranil) the gold standard TCA.

From the 1957 on several TCA's were developed from imiprimine.


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