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my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:51:55

In reply to let's play the 'who is incompetent' game, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:42:06

i have been thinking on that some more...

about how i said that some of my supervisors work was very eloquent and seemingly disconnected from how he was in person. wondering if they were the same person...

i now remember many instances that showed or demonstrated to me that the person before me was, likely, the same person. capable of the same insights and eloquence. the same subtlety of reasoning and so on.

there were enough of those and enough of that for me to see that he was very capable.

i always said that he had a bit of a (from my perspective) strange kind of mind. different from mine in the way that he thinks / amps up / gets going. a different way of working and a different kind of editorial process. we were not a good match. i didn't really know how to show people work in progress in a way that they were able to contribute much to the development of the work. i was used to working very very independently. he was more used to collaborative work. but the evolved apprentice was his own individual (sole authored) work.

i also understand that the earlier stuff is easier to be... modular. tightly reasoned or argued. because the less you know the easier it is to be linear and modular and so on. when you have acquired more knowledge... your ideas get a bit more... wholistic. and it's harder to convey or explain a world view... so the earlier stuff seems more highly technical, highly polished. 'smarter' in some sense. tighter. independnetly understandable. things like that.

i mean... i would say that the evolved apprentice is to his earlier work as 'disability and equity in medicine and public health' (aka: the enlightened apprentice, or perhaps the enslaved apprentice) is to my earlier work during my first masters degree or my honors work or even my phd work where i was only allwed to write 2 pages.

it gets to be embarrassing that they don't sign people off when they should have...

my first masters... could have been handed to externals for phd and they likely would have given me enough to expand / double to complete the phd one year later.

but nobody suggested i do that. because, you know. they'd rather keep me enslaved.




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