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Posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2022, at 19:36:17

I did 2 stage 1 and 2 stage 2 papers in English at the Uni of Waikato... At some point there was this supposed big kerfuffle about whether the text should be understood in isolation of the historical context in which it was written or not.

I was more interested in universals so I moved into philosophy. I was more interested in the content of what was said in the search for universal truths. I was less interested in history. Mostly because I felt that I wasn't really able to immerse myself sufficiently in it... the information I was fed... It is hard enough to make sense of what is going on as we are immersed in a present time... I don't really have a handle on how to understand history.

I think I enrolled in a class in ancient history -- but that was going to focus on military strategy which was not interesting to me. And NZ history was not interesting to me, either, mostly because... Well... It's a government newsfeed if ever there was one. It didn't feel like a class that would encourage me to... Expand my mind. It didn't feel like a class that would challenge me or anything. It felt like a propaganda in platitudes campaign. A collection of little catchy phrases like they teach you in AA when they indoctrinate you into believing you have a disease that will stay with you and be in you forever and you are required to stay within the cult interacting frequently with members within the cult 'not thinking about alcohol, do not think about alcohol, do not think about alcohol' every single day as long as y'all shall be allowed to live...

So it's interesting to think that the main defence of much of what Freud and so on said was that... He was led to say various things because of what was going on in teh world at the time that was affecting the people in certain ways.

So, for example, vienna culture was very repressive. Because the women weren't able to or allowed to speak publically or amongst or between themselves... They weren't even really able to speak to a Psychiatrist who was being paid by their husband or father to help them and report on their progress...

What was responsible for Freud to write about his patients given the culture or climate at the time. What was in the interests of... The patients? The person paying him to keep the patients as happy as the patients could be kept given various things about their circumstances that were not negotiable for changing...

Was it Winnocott??? Someone... Wrote about having one face for the world and quite another behind closed doors. How the people could go to work and follow orders or instructions or expectations where the fairly obvious outcome of their actions was the death and destruction and torture and abuse of so many people.... And, apparently, we are supposed to believe, those same 'efficeint' and 'effective' employees... Would go home and happily play with tehir children and make sweet sweet love to their wives.

How they could be split like that...

Without any apparent leakage. Apparently. We are supposed to beleive. That they didn't leak, at all. We are supposed to believe that they were attentive and caring at home.

Is that really plausible?

I don't suppose their wives and children had things like.... Prima Facie private internet message boards.





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