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Re: another year of wrongly decided

Posted by alexandra_k on January 5, 2022, at 15:43:02

In reply to another year of wrongly decided, posted by alexandra_k on January 5, 2022, at 15:26:54

we don't have anything to fear of anyone in nz developing nuclear weapon technology, that's for sure. australia, too. quite the babel-land. on how they select and train their students.

perhaps the lands are culturally rich? artistically?

where are the great works of art, then?

where are the artifacts of culture?

they won't uphold the intellectual property laws. they won't pay their worker-slaves.

you don't need to work to stabogate from without when they treat their own people so badly from within there are no shortage of suicide bombers from within. of course we already know that. nz is quite the breeding ground for them. internationally. it is internationally known that nz is a breeding ground for terrorists and for terrorist activity.

it is because there is no help. the will not pay people to work in the 'helping professions' unless they use their public position for private advantage.

that seems to be the thing of it.

becuase it's sooooooooooooo competitive.

quite the babel land of squabling, bickering, bitching, moaning. constantly. good people cannot function here.

apparently the universities are rethinking their job descriptions of hiring 2 or 3 or 4 people to be the single sole and only spokesperson for a whole field. like this born in south africa lady who goes to england and then nz then gets to pay her way or win her way into new zealander of the year... her name is attached to various pieces that appear in the media. only it doesn't take more than 5 minutes of conversation with her to see that there is no way that she wrote those pieces herself. she's like uncle sam or the president of the united states. the figure-head with the script. picked out for the 'funky and cool and relatable' image... designed to inspire or promote desire in the younger generation. for people to see her and think 'well i could definately do that better than you i mean if you are the best our country has in that field then if i work hard and i'm smart then i should be able to rise to the top'...

but that would be wrong-headed. because we aren't and don't aspire to be a meriticracy.

why would we want satellites? missiles?




any of the products or fruits of civilisation...

anyway... the university is saying, now, that it isn't their job to protect their employees who have been given a heavy media presence or coverage... it isn't their job to protect their employees from people who take affront to the things they have been passing them off as saying on the social media platforms etc.

the university was responsible for social-media-ising them? no....

the university was thinking about removing them from office for speaking beyond their expertise? no.... the university redeployed the physics guy from his job of passing the first year bio-physics kids who cheated on their examinations to working in some 'modelling' centre whereby he was going to do epidemiology. because we needed someone who could at least pretend to play along with international best practice on statistics...

just the one. of course.

because all the kids who did the public health degrees that were so highly valued. no, that wasn't it... we valued their ability to convince people to eat what the government told them to eat (fonterra yoghurt with sugar as the second ingredient is 5 star most healthy of all objectively scientifically obviously)...

the level of intellectual disability within the ministries...

apparently the elected minister of everything (state services commission, health, education) has a mother who is high up in the ministry of education. i suppose that means she gets teh lucrative government contracts. it isn't that people give the best of everything to their own kids (at everyone else's expense keeping the nation a babble-land) it is that they give the best of everything to their parents etc still...

until there is no best of anything at all in this babbel-land.

i didn't see the fires in northland with the nasa flyover.

it would be so very very easy for them to plague the land with hurricanes or tornadoes or...

this babbel land.

no rule by law.

nothing. there's nothing here. nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing at all.

early is late didn't you know. iggle de piggledy garbage wahhho. that's rule by law in nz. you should see what they pass of as medicine and healthcare. selling the supplies and so on... what is it? another instiatution of abuse... that's all there appears to be, here. they won't allow for things to be any other way...

they are talkilng about maaori culture in our internatioal trade. but it's about coming to terms with being an exclusion zone. we are the prison camp detention island of the world. why? becuase our leaders insist on exploiting public for their own perceived private advantage.

kings of the rubbish heap!

kings, they say!

first at being last.

winning at losing.

well done. good job. yay you.

we don't have universities. we don't have courts. we don't have any of the products of civilisation. we don't have skilled workers. we don't have workers. keeping slaves. until they smash you in the back of the head so they can steal your stuff. rule by angry mob. nasty bruitish and short.




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